Going fishin’

Gordon James Klingenschmitt, writing at WND, cites his 8 reasons for not voting for John McCain. Gordon is a big fan of Alan Keyes, and plans to write-in Keyes’ name on the ballot for President. Frankly, I cannot think of a bigger waste of time than a write in vote, but it’s Gordon’s vote, and if he wants to waste it, that’s his business. So be it.

I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to fully support McCain with my time, money, and words. The fact is, McCain hasn’t earned it. I’m concerned about McCain for some of the very same reasons that Gordon cites. He brings some unattractive baggage to the race that should have disqualified him in the primary process. But for several reasons, and a whole lot of dumb luck, McCain survived the Primary, and now stands as the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.

Even though I may not fully support him, I’m still going to vote for him. I decided a long time ago that I would vote for the Republican nominee. It is a decision that is completely based upon the issue of National Security. McCain will stay on the offensive in the war against the Mufsidin, while his opponents are arguing about the best way to withdraw and go on defense. Their’s is the proverbial prescription for disaster.

Gordon’s logic is puzzling. If the issues that he claims to care most about are left to the care and governance of the organized effort that strives daily to impose nihilism on the nation (euphemistically called the Democrat Party), then who will be to left to fight the good fight? Do those well-intentioned conservatives who plan on writing in a name on the ballot, or just going fishing on election day, really believe that surrendering the franchise is the way to advance their agenda? Having lost the Congress in the last cycle, losing the Executive this time around will mean losing the Judiciary for another generation as well.

I certainly believe that the social issues are worth fighting for. But, without liberty, they are moot. McCain is not my first choice to lead the Party, but I do respect his ability to make a command decision, delegate authority, and hold his subordinates accountable to task. In wartime, the primary role as CIC makes McCain the superior candidate among those still in the race.

Gordon’s criticism of Janet Folger notwithstanding, I wonder if he read her concluding remark.

First, repent on behalf of our nation; then put your faith to action.

It is important, I think, to understand that the Power to truly change this great Republic isn’t going to come from Washington. D.C. That one salient fact should give hope to believers, as well as the courage to fight on in the cultural struggles. Folger’s edification for Christians to stand and be counted is of great significance, and comes as a reminder to us to stay engaged.

Have faith, Gordon. Stand with us.

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  1. Nuke, I missed your I decided a long time ago post, but Ive been trying to get that point across for about a year now. I don’t know how anyone can sit home and let Obambi or HRT get into office. It could literally end America as we know it.

  2. Yes it could.

  3. Hey n2l, how did your day go?

  4. oh yeah. That goes to vodpod!

  5. I’m fadin’ fast.
    See yall manana

  6. g’nite nuke.

  7. Well, Dang!
    I thought I was yelling into an empty room.

    Good day, thanks for asking. That little man might be my new exercise program.
    He loved that bright red Dodge Viper, and went ape with all the room to run around in at my brother’s.
    Really kind of wore out, too, and I got to get up early.
    Catch y’all tamale.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time. See ya manyawna….

  9. Did get a bit of bad news yesterday, though. My brother’s son called, he is in the hospital. He ruptured three discs in his lumbar vertebrae at work Friday.

  10. “of the organized effort that strives daily to impose nihilism on the nation ”

    you are sick dude. better to be free than to install a facist corporate war-mongering shill as president (again!).

    VOte for Ron Paul!

  11. Ron who?
    If I’m gonna vote for a man with two first names, it had better be Billy Bob, Joe Bob, Bobby Joe, or John-John. Oh….and he better not need psychotropic meds, either.
    /like one congressman from South Texas

  12. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the back injury n2l. Hope he gets better care than Mrs. D is getting.

  13. Heh. When the grandsons went home yesterday, I collapsed in the chair. I was carrying either the 3-year-almost 4-year-old or the (almost) 1-year-old the entire time.

    Jacob found all the hidden Easter eggs (hidden in plain sight). While Jacob was finding the eggs, lil’ Bubba was taking them out of the basket and smashing them into the carpet.

    SwampMan and son in law even engaged in a little bit of casual conversation.

  14. Dang, Robert D, sorry to hear Mrs. D has a back injury that is giving her problems.

  15. How ’bout this global warming, huh? We’re having record cold temps tonight and are under a freeze warning.

  16. Sounds like your back should be a bit sore Swamps.

    Mrs. D has 2 ruptured and a bulging disc from training with the CDF for our volunteer fire dept. Needless to say, the workers comp coverage is a joke.

    We must have had your weather out here. Mowed, seeded, and watered the lawns this weekend. Looks like rain now. 🙂

  17. Dang, Robert D.
    It’s been at least a year, maybe longer, since you told us about your bride’s back injury. Sure sorry to hear that she isn’t getting any relief.
    I don’t know much about my nephew’s back trouble, but it sounds bad, and surgery might be in his near future. A big strapping lad of 6’5″, and he’s only 35. His industrial welding days may be over.

  18. Now hold on one danged minute.
    A freeze warning in the Swampland, and SwampMan chit-chatted with SIL?
    It’s the end of days, I tells ya’, it’s the end times!

  19. I blame the Military Industrial Complex and global warming.

    Yowza, it do sound like your nephew might have to do lighter duty from now on.

    It sounds miserable for Mrs. D. Dang. Since she has actual radiological evidence of the injury, I’m not sure why worker’s comp would be dragging their feet.

  20. I think it’s time for a law….lawww…lawyer. I guess they are needed at times.

  21. Yeah, sure hope my nephew is alright. You only have four lumbar discs, and he ruptured three. Ouch!
    Don’t even ask me why workmen’s comp is such a maze for some folks.
    But SMan chit-chatted with SIL?

  22. He won’t be doing much of anything for quite some time if those are ruptured. He needs to study the options, surgery is not always the best option.

    Swampman talked with son in law??? Friendly like?

  23. Well, it ain’t up to me, and I don’t know much about what happened or how bad it is, just that my brother was very dejected when he told me. My bro’ had to have several cervical discs fused years ago, after a snow skiiing accident, so he knows better than me what to do.

  24. Yep. They even sat and watched a show on television although SwampMan kept control of the remote.

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