Sunday Open

Spot Check Willie got down on his hands and knees, He said oh mama, hey mama, let me check you out alright She said no, no, not tonight.

Little Feat (with LG), doing Fat Man. It just don’t get better than that!

Enjoy yo’selves!

Update:  I stand corrected… actually does get better than that.

Here is Feat, with the TOP Horn Section from the Waiting for Columbus album…..

Ohyeahbaybee where yat?

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  1. Oh, PLEASE! You obviously haven’t heard this yet.

  2. heh.
    Yippekiyay, punjab

  3. I’m glad that there are English translations of the Indian videos.

  4. Swampie is Jonesing for some curry, methinks.

  5. An excellent piece by Amir Tehari, a review of a book.
    Blood Brothers–The Bin Laden Family.

    Coll’s meticulous research, backed by over 150 interviews, reveals aspects of Osama’s character that merit greater attention. He comes across as a vain man, seeking to find a justification for his existence beyond the millions he inherited.

    Osama was “less interested in becoming a martyr than creating a movement based on the emotional power of other people’s martyrdom.” He took extra care not to expose himself to danger, and was always the first to run for cover when things got rough. In his “final will and testament,” written in 2001, he even advised his sons not to join the Jihad, ostensibly because they had to give others an opportunity to benefit from the rewards of martyrdom.

    The terrorist leader was a bad businessman who lost millions because of his poor management. At one point, he is forced to lay off 2,000 employees in his Sudanese businesses. Later, the Sudanese force him to sell his businesses “at fire sale prices” and leave the country.

  6. Heh. Just Jonesing for Bollywood. SwampMan, for some unaccountable reason, doesn’t have any channels where I can watch Bollywood movies.

  7. SwampMan is very wise.

  8. Wellll….I will admit that bollywood does have some admirable attributes.

  9. SwampMan is evil. He doesn’t like Bollywood or bluegrass.

  10. My post went poof.
    What I said was, that on second thought, bollywood does have some admirable attributes.

  11. But OTH, he still likes you.
    /as far as you know

  12. Yeah. Here’s one for the SwampMan.

    Except for the whole hating bluegrass thing.

  13. Heh. I’ve seen a lot of those movies/videos!

  14. There’s even a Bollywood Obama.

  15. I saw that last one.

  16. Yep, that’s a good’un too, and I bet SMan likes them.

  17. But does he like SlipKnot.

  18. Goodnight???

  19. No slipknot. SwampMan used to be quite the 12-string guitar player until he messed up his hands in construction, so he likes people that can actually play.

  20. He is a big Hendrix fan, so he’d probably like that Slash version.

  21. Slash doing the guitar hero commercial?

  22. Nite y’all.

  23. Anything the SwampMan listens to anymore, though, has to be real loud.

  24. G’night, Nuke! I very, very rarely listen to music anymore. How strange. Used to be dancing through the house doing housework all the time.

    Hmmmm. Maybe that’s why I’ve slipped up on the housework.

  25. Yeah, I like that Slash commercial.

    So SwampMan doesn’t even try to pick anymore? Shame about the phalanxs and metacarpals. I never did pick up an instrument. Both of my brothers were learning guitar when I was little, and when they asked me what instrument I wanted to play, I told them the drums. They said no. I said that’s what I really want to learn. They said not only no, but Hell no.
    It took me years to understand why, as I walked by a neighbors house, who had converted the garage into a drum room for their kid, with old mattresses, pillows, and about anything that could absorb sound shoved against the garage door and walls, and you could still hear him from a block away.

  26. Guess I better shut’er down too.
    Night nuke and Swampie.

  27. Yeah, son’s fingers are taking a beating, too, and he can’t pick the guitar, banjo, or play the bass like he used to, but he can still drum.

    Yeah, that whole garage band thing can be powerful loud.

  28. G’night, y’all. I’ve had such a good time listening to my beloved bollywood and bluegrass, two sounds that were definitely NOT made for each other.

    I’ll mellow out with a lil’ Red Hot Chili Peppers and head off to bed myself.

  29. Night, and one last tidbit of nostalgia for ya’….the bluebonnets are exploding all over Texas.
    My most favorite time of the year

  30. It is beautiful here, too. I was admiring the wild lilies in the pasture (before anything ate them) just today.

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