Knife, Handcuffs Found Among Kids Suspected In Plot To Hurt Teacher

WAYCROSS, Ga. — Three of the nine Ware County third-grade students accused of being involved in a plot to harm their teacher will face some serious charges, according police. Waycross Police Chief Tony Tanner on Tuesday released pictures of the evidence, which includes a steak knife, a paperweight, handcuffs, gloves and several rolls of tape.According to Tanner, the motive for the plot might have been to get revenge on a teacher after she disciplined a girl in her classroom for standing on a chair.The police chief said District Attorney Rick Currie has decided to charge a 9-year-old girl with two counts of aggravated assault, possession of weapons on school grounds or school safety zone and conspiracy to commit a crime of aggravated assault.

Also to be charged are a 10-year-old girl, who will face a charge of conspiracy to commit a crime of aggravated assault and possession of weapons on school grounds or school safety zone, and an 8-year-old boy accused of conspiracy to commit a crime of aggravated assault.

Those three students, whose names have not been released, were the ones who brought all the weapons, according to police.

Authorities got word of the alleged plot to harm teacher Ms. Belle Carter at Center Elementary School on Friday when another student reported seeing the knife in the possession of another child.

The 8-, 9- and 10-year-olds have been accused of being involved in a plan to harm Carter, but some parents said the plot was much worse. Channel 4 received several e-mails from parents who claimed the students wanted to kill their teacher.

The headline in Monday’s Waycross Journal-Herald read murder.

“I have not heard that word used. The principal says they were planning to harm their teacher,” said Theresa Martin, of Ware County Schools.

“We really can’t say they intended to kill her. We knew they had talked about I believe that they might hit her in the head or they may even stab her,” Tanner said.

Investigators confirmed the students brought a steak knife, a roll of duct tape, handcuffs, ribbon and a heavy crystal paperweight to school. They said all nine of the children who have been suspended had a different roll they were supposed to play in the planned attack.

Licensed mental health counselor Audrey Dearborn called the allegations against the third-graders alarming.

“Before you would see these types of behavior in high school. Now, we’ve skipped the middle school and gone right to the third grade,” Dearborn said.

Dearborn said a lot of kids view school as an environment where they have to fight to succeed and be treated fairly, but Dearborn said kids need to be taught that the word fight should not be taken literally.

“They have distorted views about how to handle problems in their society,” Dearborn said. “They respond the way the cartoon characters do- – they fight with aggression. This is a cry for help. They are saying, ‘I am angry. I am hurt and I am striking out. We need to help them.” Investigators said it was not clear whether the students understood the of what they were planning.

“Do kids know enough about anatomy or injuries to where they could even realize that if they were to have stabbed her or hit her on the head or anything else, how much harm that they would have done? That’s our biggest question,” Tanner said.

He said the parents of the children accused are, “Shocked, saddened, and surprised. This is their worst nightmare.”

Also surprised by the students’ alleged plot was the teacher, who Martin said called her students good kids.

“She showed me a picture of the students in her class. I think she was really surprised they would do this. She see them as good kids and asked me to look at them and see if thought would do anything like this,” Martin said.

Source:  News4Jax

Who would think that 3rd graders–8 and 9 year old children–would conceive of a plan to do bodily harm, even kill, their teacher, and then gather the materials to carry it out?

Waycross is a town I’ve been through many times.  Nice people.  Nice place to live.  Good place to raise children.  So naturally, everybody is in complete shock about this. 

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  1. I don’t remember where it happened but awhile back a girl was kicked out of school for bringing a steak knife to school to cut an apple at lunch. The school was said to be overreacting with their zero-tolerance policy. I can see their point very clearly now.

  2. According to the evening news, approximately (9) kids were planning on handcuffing and duct taping the teacher in her chair, then stabbing her and hitting her with a large crystal paperweight. Only the kids who brought the items to school to commit the act are being charged, however.

    As the story said, although the authorities are not calling it a plan to kill the teacher, many of the parents are.

  3. They should be all tried as adults – as hard a thing as that may be – but if they aren’t, others will attempt to get away with similar plots and plans.

    I’d like to know (we never will, though) how “permissive” the parents’ are. Are they the “my child does no wrong” type of parent, or parents who hold their children accountable for their actions. Well…maybe I just answered my own question.

  4. Hard to say. It might just be some kids that want to re-enact one of their favorite video games.

    The main perps were girls. That’s what a lot of people are having a hard time with.

  5. That’s what happens when you let your little darlings watch sick Tarantino movies.

  6. You have got to be kidding me… so a third grader brings a gun, a knife, and a bag of rocks to school and you’re gonna say, “He did not know what they were, he was just brimging them because they looked cool”??? COME ON PEOPLE, are you kidding me?? If you killed someone (or attempted to), the YOU KILLED SOMEONE, you committed a crime, it doesn’t matter if you were just born. Last year, five students planned to kill a 13 yr old by slashing his throat, and they ONLY got suspended for less than 4 months (NOT INCLUDING SUMMER) and then returned to school. NOW THIS??!! Obviously, this teacher might have thought they were good kids, but it just got rubbed in her face that they are not!! No, they do not need mental help or to stop watching cartoons or playing video games, want they need is Jesus in their life and to stop being so stubborn!! You cannot tell me that someone who puts a weapon in their hand and intends to hurt someone, DOES NOT KNOW that they are likely to die, and whether they use this as an excuse or not, maybe *they didn’t intend* to kill her, BUT THEY STILL INTENDED TO HURT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, these kids need life in jail, because that’s way we are ALWAYS in danger because we always think THEY’RE JUST KIDS and THEY DIDN’T MEAN TO and every day things get worse because we don’t punish anyone accordingly, so the rest think that they can just get away with it!!!

  7. […] students accused of being involved in a plot to harm their teacher will face some serious…To boost downtown, move school administration there Fort Worth Star-TelegramBy O.K. carter Since the […]

  8. Well I am a 7th grader still in school and it frightens me a little bit to know that young children 8 9 and 10 would plan to hurt their teacher… or therefore anyone at all!!! This world needs some help so much war and corruption and now children are doin it to. I know I am young but this is just crazy!!!

  9. Yes it is, Sup.
    Thanks for commenting.

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