Rock fans vote Republican

From Reuters:

If you are male and a Led Zeppelin fan, chances are you may be leaning toward voting Republican in the U.S. presidential election, according to a survey of rock radio fans released on Wednesday.

The Jacobs Media’s Media/Technology Web Poll IV of more than 27,000 respondents cited stronger than expected interest in the November 2008 election among fans of rock, classic rock, and alternative radio stations.

Why am I not surprised?

This is Communication Breakdown, and Dazed and Confused from 1969.

15 Responses

  1. well thats a surprise!..rock on dude!:)

  2. Well that’s good news. Even rock fans get smarter as they get older.

  3. So my love for the Who, Steely Dan, the Stones, the Beatles, and Aerosmith indicates that I’m pretty conservative? Damn straight! 🙂

  4. Well, I’m kinda burned out on all their stuff, as well as most of the moldy oldies from that era, but still a staunch conservative.

  5. I do unnerstand.
    But, this vid is pretty good. And, no, I’m not going to play Stairway to Heaven.

  6. Get your “trampstamps for toddlers” today at toys r us.
    That’s right shoppers, cover your tots’ buttcrack with a faux tattoo.

  7. Wonderful!
    Well, if minors can conspire to commit murder, might as well lower all the other barriers as well.

  8. My words for that wouldn’t pass your filters Nuke. Sick, just sick.

  9. G’nite all….

  10. Hello-Goodbye, Robert D.

    Night from me too.

  11. G’nite, Robert D.

    /Is it that late already?

  12. Whoops. Didn’t see the time stamp.


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