The Clark Brothers, WFFOT

The Clark Brothers put on quite a performance on Tuesday’s Idol, and I finally found a video. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread. Comments, linkage, and trackbacks are welcome.

WFFOT: Dang.


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Since Gattlestar Galactica premiers a new season tonight, here is another good music video,

All Along the Watchtower, performed by Bt4

16 Responses

  1. No-no-no-noooHoHo!
    I ain’t had nothing to do with this show from the start, and ain’t gonna get suckered into partially breaking my streak. Especially as hard as they are constantly trying to jam it down my throat on TV and radio.

  2. these guys were guest stars, not regulars.

  3. Oh, okay then.
    Still, kind of a sneaky way to get me to watch.
    /it’s a conspiracy I tellsya

  4. Looks like y’all are getting the storms your way, we got last night.

  5. just came thru here. temp dropped 10 degrees

  6. We dropped about twenty in all, and some of the areas just north of here got hit hard with softball sized hail, and strong winds.
    I left the window open a little so I could hear the booming and rain, but didn’t hear it much, as it always just puts me in the deepest sleep possible.

  7. the 2nd wave is starting thru here now.

  8. Bon chance!

  9. gracias

  10. Linkage dumpage

    Nuke plants on terror list, LINK
    Blue-eyed mufsidin spotted in Pak, LINK
    Wonders of socialized medicine, part 7,320,455 LINK

  11. Just for accuracy, it’s mufsidun.

  12. ruh roh

  13. g-nite

  14. Dang, guess I get to miss all that good hail and tornado fun.

    That’s okay, I ain’t gonna complain.

  15. I heard something on the Neil Boortz show today, just caught a brief hearing of it as I was running up to the post office to mail our tax return (which I had left sitting at home on the desk when I put it down to get my keys and my purse).

    A caller called in, an older electrician, concerned because people were tearing down well built older houses and replacing them with McMansions that, while showy on the outside, were very, very badly constructed. Neil basically accused him of “sour grapes” and that he was just jealous because he couldn’t afford one of those houses, and that building codes and inspectors took care of any problems. The man tried to explain that building codes just encouraged people to work to minimal standards, but Neil cut him off.

    Sigh. I dunno about the rest of his show, but he was not just wrong, but good gawd almighty wrong. The man that had been wiring houses for 20+ years knew a lot more about what was going on in places that didn’t show than ol’ Neil does.

    Neil is *assuming* that all low-paid government building inspectors are, ahem, totally honest. He’s also assuming that all subcontractors are; both assumptions are wrong. I would not buy a house if I found it was built by one of those nationwide mega contractors.

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