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Once upon a time in Mississippi….

There was an FM radio station called ZZQ. It was so much more than a radio station, it was a touch stone for people who loved rock music.

In a time when most cars came equipped with AM radios, ZZQ led the market. They sold bucket loads of FM converters to baby boomers who wanted to stay connected with the times. There were no “play lists” to get in the way, just the music and the radio personalities.

Even now, it’s hard for me to listen to Dan Fogelberg, or Jackson Browne, and not think about the heyday of the music scene in Jackson, or that morning about 25 years ago when I turned on the radio and heard country music coming from 102.9. It was like I lost a good friend.

More at I love Music … Jackson Browne

Uncle Dave, this one’s for you.

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  1. Sign of the times alright.
    Back in the day, growing up in East Texas we had KEEL in Shreveport to keep us sane during the day, with a Chicago station WLS, and a NOLA station (I forget the call sign) to keep us sane and in touch at night. The NOLA station would play the long version of “The Doors” Light My Fire.
    Now, here in Dallas, my favorite “metal” station went dark many years ago, and my next favorite “metal” station, the one that played “Tool” and other of my favorites, well….one day I got in my car, hit the button, and got Mexican music. Not a happy day.
    However, in recent months, good ol’97.1fm, the Eagle, is back to it’s welcome format of hard rock and metal.
    I never could get into Jackson Browne for some reason.

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    See also Werewolves. a repressed insurgency

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