Jeremiah Wright is the least of his problems

It’s time to back away the Jeremiah Wright kerfluffle.

If Lanny Davis and other Clinton surrogates want to play the race game, then so be it. Obama is no racist, nor is he responsible for the inflammatory and seditious statements made by Jeremiah Wright.

Earlier today, I saw a video that has been mentioned by several bloggers on the right, which compares certain passages from Obama’s book and with selected video clips from several of Wright’s sermons. The viewer is led to the conclusion that Obama poses a threat to the country because of his racial beliefs.

The reason that Obama should not be President has nothing at all to do with race, and to spend time on these kinds of tactics won’t defeat him. It ignores the fact that his lack of experience leaves him unprepared to assume the duties of the job. It also ignores the fact that Obama exudes a certain grandiosity that surpasses mere cockiness and is, well, unseemly, if not dangerous.

Earlier this week at a San Francisco fundraiser, Obama said, “…foreign policy is the area where I am probably most confident that I know more and understand the world better than Senator Clinton or Senator McCain.

Oh, please.

After belittling Mrs. Clinton’s experience as First Lady as being ceremonial fluff, Obama went on to say that among the three candidates for President, only he passes the 3 AM Leadership Test. Indeed, he alone possesses “the judgment, the temperament to ask the right questions, to weigh the costs and benefits of military action, who insists on good intelligence, who is not going to be swayed by the short-term politics.” What a piece of work. source

And as for the ultimate foreign policy test, the one John Kerry called, “passing the Global Test,” Obama proposes a diplomatic Manhattan Project of sorts, with Iran’s Mahmoud Amadinejad. The same Ahmadinejad who said today, his country’s objective was to destroy what he called corrupt western powers:

“Our objective is to annihilate all corrupt powers that dominate our planet today,”

Iran is building nuclear weapons, and has tested the delivery systems to carry out Ahmadinejad’s objective. If he uses them, he gains favor of his god, and ushers in the End-Times chaos of the 12th Mahdi. If he is in turn incinerated in a retaliatory strike, he gets to spend eternity with 72 virgins. He wins either way.

Taking a college trip to Pakistan, living in Indonesia for four years as a child, and having poor relatives in Africa has convinced Obama that he has the necessary gravitas to engage in foreign policy on behalf of the world’s only superpower.

Jeremiah Wright is the least of his problems.


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  2. Thank you, General Petreaus…

    While many of the Democrat Senators could not right out say the things they usually do, due to the progress General Petreaus has implemented and overseen, they still couldn’t keep their traps shut. Scarry Harry, Billary, and the whole lot of them …….

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  4. Oh, the alleged reverend of B-HO is still a major problem for him, as it reflects on his poor judgement.
    Being so race obsessed as B-HO, his wife, My Bell, along with Wright, his congregation, as well as a litany of unsavory characters, though they be, it is obviously a ploy, a tactic, to gain advantage at every level, whether college admission, a minority position with a top law firm, or elected office. All of which needs to be explained, considering B-HO is only 1/16th black. He also lied about his grandmother. Hell….as far as his lying, Obama Has A Laundry List Of Lies.

  5. I see that BO gave a speech in San Francisco about Pennsylvanians that was as offensive as ol’ Howard Dean telling the south what is wrong with our trucks, religion, and flag.

    Guess he only knows how to talk to commies and terrorists.

  6. I kinda look on ol’ Jeremiah Wright as I do ol’ pretendian Churchill.

  7. Yeah, ol’B-HO just can’t fool all the people, all the time, and less than a week ago he and his staff were going all out for the “pro-gun” voters in Pa.

  8. Some claim B-HO over thinks things….I have another theory, which is in opposition to the former.

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  11. the chariot race from Ben Hur is on TCM

  12. Jolita Berry: Teacher Attacked by Student (Video)…

    Baltimore teachers, including Jolita Berry, claim they are under attack by their students and the school system does nothing to stop it….

  13. Yep, then time for Bonzo to put his butt in bed.

  14. How funny, just saw the nickelback tune in the pod, and was listening to it today, and thought of looking up the vid.
    /get out of my mind

  15. heh
    see ya later

  16. Obama Sends Emissary of Hope and Change to Middle…

    I found this at Ace of Spades and thought it was hilarious. Plus, its a great song and I loved the movie. So I ripped it off.

    At this point, Barack Obama is going to need all the help he can get to win over Middle America Fly Over Country. Poor gu…..

  17. I watched Ben Hur last night, too! Love that chariot race.

  18. I agree with all you’ve said above, but I do believe that there is more out there that we need to pay attention to – specifically, his close tie with Jeremiah Wright. More and more ties to the church’s Islamic leanings are showing up. I think it’s vitally important that we know where Obama is, in his heart. There’s only one way to know this, and that is by he lives his life.

    Maggie’s Notebook

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  23. […] surprise if you don’t remember this. It was buried by the other comments he made at the same San Francisco fundraiser – the famous “clinging to guns and religion” statement. (I mean, really, who can […]

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