Break a leg!

Mrs. Nuke and I will be headed up I-55 to Mississippi College in a little while.

Melissa has a part in The Magic Flute, which will be presented this evening at 7:00. Seats are first-come, first served, so we’re going to leave early in time to go by and pick up MeMe, and still have time to get good seats.

So to the cast, crew, and the whole “Flute Gang” at MC, here’s best wishes and “Break A Leg!”

I know you’re going to do a great job.

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  1. Thanks, daddy! I hope you enjoy the show! Last night, the audience was really into it and laughing the entire time. So, that should be a good sign that you and Mrs Nuke will love it.

    Plus, I’m in it. 🙂

    Love you!!

  2. Sounds like a gas, Nuke. Tell Mrs. Nuke, I said good luck.

  3. Hope y’all have a magical evening!
    Break a leg, Melissa.

  4. Sounds like a fun evening.

  5. Big boom in an Iranian mosque.
    I don’t know who will be blamed, but I have a guess.
    /eleanor roosevelt

  6. tough lesson to learn, no doubt.
    Turkish “media identified the suspect only by the initials MK…”

    Dang, I wonder what the “M” stands for.

  7. Uhhhh….Mike?
    / 😆

  8. Huh. They must be having duelling mullahs there in Iran.

    /gotta keep that money comin’ in.

  9. She had said she wanted to show that she could put her trust in the kindness of local people.

    So, she dressed like she was the star of a wedding and decided to hitchhike through a place where misogyny is a tenent of the religion.

    Darwin effect.

    She may not have made it across I-10 from California to Florida. Not trusting in the kindness of strangers may not be very artistic or peaceful, but you live longer.

  10. There is a well known power struggle amongst the Supreme Council, as Khatami will die soon, and most believe Rafsanjani will emerge as the Supreme Leader.
    In this case, with this mosque going Kaboob, taken that it is in Sharaz, near a nuclear facility, along with several industrial accidents at missile assembly plants in recent months, I’m thinking sabotage and dissident activity.

  11. Well, at least she learned the truth in her lifetime.

  12. Oh, now Iran is saying that the Iranian mosque explosion was just the results of some explosives left carelessly lying about after a defense fair. Here is the story if you want to read the rather lameass explanation.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

  13. Well, my standard for determining if they are being truthful or not, is if their lips moved.

  14. I meant that the story was just stupid enough to possibly be true.

  15. Well, I am going to be late for eating up some o’ my momma’s fried chicken and tater salad, so I better hit the road.

    /SwampMan is still gettin’ all purty.

  16. Henh…he better get primped up for some Gospel bird and tater salad.
    I gotta run out for a while too, to nice not to.

  17. The production was wonderful. You know you are a mom when your daughter is performing in high heels (those really high ones) and you are afraid she is going to fall down or when she has a switch blade knife in the scene and all you can think of is I hope she doesn’t cut herself. She did not fall and she did not cut herself and she sang like an angel. Wish you all could have heard her. We are proud.

  18. Aww, Mom!

    Thats so funny! I was afraid of falling and flashing the audience. It never occured to me that I’d get hurt with that knife. Lol. I”m so glad you all could come and that you liked it! Between the hair and the shoes, I figured you might not recogonize me!

  19. Wow! I’m glad that the audience was not flashed, no gushing blood, and no need for a paramedic from an actual broken ankle in a fall off of stilettos.

  20. The voice of an angel was just an extra added bonus. (As a mother myself, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have noticed the voice because I’d have been too worried about the shoes and the possibility of arterial spurting.)

  21. those were only brief interludes of worry in an otherwise wonderful evening

  22. LOL. I have the most awesome parents. 🙂

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