Blogbreakus interruptus

We interrupt this Blog Break to bring you this special post, The World Famous Friday Open Thread.

Here is the WFFOT Reading Assignment, courtesy of Boortz:

Apparently John McCain is gearing up to run one of the most unconventional campaigns in recent history.

Here we go with these single women voters again. In this election, single women are supposed to be for Democrats what evangelical Christians were for Republicans in 2004. Did you know that single-parent households cost our economy over $12 billion a year?

The House Ways and Means Committee has passed legislation that would give unemployed workers an additional 13 weeks of jobless benefits. There’s a name for this. Vote buying.

This can’t be good news … an Afghan legislative committee is drafting a bill to introduce Taliban-style Islamic morality codes, which include banning women from wearing makeup in public and forbidding men from wearing female fashions.

Chevron is being sued by environmental activists for committing “environmental sins.” I guess they read that stuff from the Vatican a few months ago.

A government middle school teacher in Ohio has been told that he must remove a Bible that is sitting on his desk because the children might see it.

Mexicans spent almost $3 billion in bribes in 2007 … that’s almost two bribes for every living Mexican.

We have a picture of Jesus that is being taken down from a Louisiana court house.

Apparently this is how kids are bullied in schools nowadays … they bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hope their classmates swell up with peanut allergies.

The world’s oldest tree has been discovered in Sweden … and guess why that really matters? Because it has rewritten the history of the climate in the region where it used to be a lot warmer.

I’m surprised a government school would let a student do a science experiment to test whether Chinese water torture would produce a fear response. This kid will be featured on America’s Most Wanted someday.

Great Britain is alarmed because one out of every five killings in Britain is committed by a foreigner. What do you want to bet that the vast majority of these “foreigners” are Muslims.

Cell phones on public transportation are really becoming an issue lately and many places are cracking down.

And now for the world’s smallest dog … a 4 inch Chihuahua named Dancer.

And, finally, from WSJ, an excerpt from the Dem debate in Philly, “Obama’s Tax Evasion“…

But Mr. Gibson had noted that higher rates yield less revenue. So the news anchor tried again: “But history shows that when you drop the capital gains tax, the revenues go up?” Mr. Obama responded that this “might happen or it might not. It depends on what’s happening on Wall Street and how business is going.” And then he went on a riff about John McCain and the housing market.

The more I learn about Obama, the more convinced I become that he must be defeated…

WFFOT: “Those who ignore the lessons of the thread are doomed to repeat them” … Nuke Santayana


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22 Responses

  1. Well, at least it wasn’t a painful interruptus.

    As for some of those links….WTF on the WFFOT?

  2. attempted humor.
    /I told you I needed a few days.

  3. Damnit, where’s a Mexican? I need some money!

  4. Yeah, Swampie, and where do they get all of that cash?
    /oh…wait…i think i know

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  6. Very interesting and clever post. I enjoyed it, but that video with the 4″ dog wasn’t working. Darn!

    Maggie’s Notebook

  7. Winter Soldier I, II: Saturday morning discussion…

    9am Saturday, April 19, 2008, there’s a radio program about the Winter Soldier I and II. What happened? Why did America turn on our men? Was the whole thing a lie? If so, whose lie? Should Congressional records be held as proof of perjury? Tune in! …..

  8. Just saw on the weather channel about the April snow in Washington state.

    Dang. That’s a 70s flashback right there.

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  10. I balance out my single sisters. I, unlike other conservatives, though, blame men. Women get more conservative when married, especially when in loving, stable, happy marriages. If men weren’t so bloody *&^%-witted, we would marry in greater numbers and tilt the polls to the right.

    So yes, guys – chivalry will save the country. 🙂

    As for foreigners/Muslims slaughering people (especially women) and attempting to impose their own morality on us:
    1. What happened to the Left’s calls to not “impose morality” on other people?
    2. Where is the Left on helping women retain our freedom?
    3. As said in a great film, What the West Needs to Know, “Multiculturalism is not worth dying for.”

  11. Good points, theo.

  12. I heard a person arguing this morning on Fox that even having a bible inside a school violates the separation of church and state, and it cannot be there.

    Say WHAT?

    I will defend the rights of educators to have a copy of the bible in their classroom to read. It may be the only thing keeping some of those lil’ bastards alive.

  13. Henh.
    The separation of church and state is an idea, not a constitutional requirement.

    Just said goodbye to my grandbabies from Austin. This weekend was the first time we had met, and they are some very alive and lovely young ladies. Gots lots of sugah, I’ll tell you what!
    My SIL is a keeper, a great guy, and we got along like two brothers, which we are, as he is a USAF vet, also.
    I’m proud to say my grandbabies think their stinky Ol’Pappaw is a pretty cool dude, even if he does wear down too fast.

  14. Heh. Yeah, SwampMan watched both grandsons yesterday while SwampDaughter and I spent 4 hours at a wedding. (And we left before anybody else.)

    He’s snoozing in the La-Z-Boy right now.

    We’re supposed to be going to town to pick up a new bandsaw today. The last time I reminded him, he said he wasn’t in any hurry, we had plenty of time. The place closes in less than 2 hours.

  15. So, how many grandbabies do you have? How many are granddaughters and how many are grandsons?

    I am glad that you like your SIL better than SwampMan likes his.

  16. Three, two girls and a boy.
    Not only do I like him, he told my daughter he really liked me, that I was engaging, and easy to talk to.
    Can’t explain how comfortable we all were together, and how joyful it is having little girls jump in my lap and want hugs, without warning.
    Now I gotta get some work done…later.

  17. Barack Obama’s Father – Why it Matters…

    Presidential candidate, Barack Obama campaigned with Raila Odinga in 2006 in Kenya,…. What can Sen. Obama be thinking of Odinga’s pursuits to enslave the people of the REPUBLIC of Kenya within Islam – under Shariah law?…

  18. Yup. I know. Grandchildren are a reward and an opportunity for do overs of things I think maybe I coulda shoulda done better. Plus, now I treasure every moment of those little hugs and kisses, knowing how brief the time is to enjoy them.

  19. Yep, I see the tension in my daughters trying to not only keep up with them, monitor their behavior, and anticipate the next thing they will try. While I just sit there all relaxed, watching and grinning, and laughing while my daughters are shrieking and running down the hall.

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