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  1. It works as a pile-on effect, but not a stand alone attack on B-HO. A glass-jawed lawmaker like him deserves a more shattering attack.

  2. this one just came out.
    Piling on works for me.

  3. An outburst of gunfire rattled the city during the weekend, with at least nine people killed in 36 separate acts of violence.

    The shootings were reported from Friday until Monday morning, police spokeswoman Monique Bond said Monday. They included gang shootings, drive-by attacks, and even one case in which someone used an AK-47 to shoot up a plumbing supply store.

  4. Gun control works! None of the law-abiding citizens had any.

  5. Yeah, Chicago is a liberal dream land in the making. If the libs get their way, and continue with their progressive agenda, they may actually become more like the Marxist paradise of Venezuela.

    Caracas is more dangerous than Baghdad.

    April 15 – During the last weekend, a total of 77 persons were murdered in Caracas.

    From Friday to Saturday, 26 people were murdered; another 25 from Saturday to Sunday and 26 more from Sunday until Monday morning, which thank God signaled the end of the weekend and also the bloodshed.

    This was just an average weekend. Nothing special was going on.

    The population of Caracas is 4.7 million, including neighboring cities around the Capital District.

    Venezuela is not at war. No one has invaded it. These are Venezuelans gangs and crooks killing innocent Venezuelans.

    Baghdad has a population of 7 million, almost twice as many as Caracas. It is a nation at war.

    Still, you have a better chance of surviving in Baghdad, than in Hugo Chavez’s Caracas.

    Why is there so much violence in an oil country when there should be enough money for everyone, now that the barrel of oil is selling for $113?

    Because Chavez has not tried to eliminate the rampant poverty in the country; because he keeps spending billions of dollars to “defend” the country from an “imperialist” invasion that will never come, instead of training and arming a professional police force to deal with the violence and because the police is as corrupt as the rest of the government and participate in many of these murders themselves.

    Welcome to the Socialism of the XXI Century.


  6. hey Nukester..great work on gang violence..Nobama is so done..! I just posted on gun control myself..GMTA! 🙂

  7. CONGRADULATIONS to Hillary and most importantly to us the people of America!! Let’s face the facts here…Hillary has the experience to navigate the White House and make real change. I believe that she has so much more to PROVE if she wins the presidency. We need a President who can actually MAKE changes. This has been a MAN’s game for way to long. Obama is (no matter what color!) still a man with a mans way of thinking. I believe that she is so driven and so tenacious she will do EVERYTHING possible to make her mark in history buy showing what a difference a woman can make. We women need to rise up and rally behind her. She has always supported and worked hard to make changes in the world for children and people of backgrounds and ALL races and I believe that she will be able to make serious changes in this world in ALL areas. If Hillary does win the Democratic Nomination there is NO way that any Democrat will NOT vote for her because of this so called torn party!! No matter what, we Democrats WILL come together to end the insanity of this Republican reign. THERE IS NOT A DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT ALL women and people of color will give Hillary the vote NOT McCain in November! And I am certain that many republicans and most importantly republican women will vote for Hillary come November!! Don’t ever give up Hillary..we love you.

  8. get a grip, hebrown

  9. hebrown, you forgot the tag line, message approved and authorized by the Hillary ’08 campaign.
    Jeebus, what an empty cheerleading yell.

  10. Must be some Kool-Aid flowing there.

  11. I recommend watching a controversial video, from a surgery room in Manila.
    It’s funny, in a weird kind of way, and it isn’t gory or anything, just weird.

  12. It appears he didn’t read the directions on how to apply…. 😆

  13. It do…don’t it?

  14. Obama’s colleague and friend Bill Aires plotted to kill thousands of innocent women and children. Obama has funded ACORN that taxes US tax payer money to allow dead people to vote. Obama used cocaine – and is proud of it – or it would not have showed up in his book. Obama thinks the boogey man is businesses who hire people and pay their wages; he would rather have people on the government dole out. He is a communist and a socialist – and basically will steal the bread off your table. He wants to unleash terrorists into the US economy and give them Drivers Licenses. He is an attorney type who hates whites given his going to a racist church for 20 years.

    Obama has never come out and said how he will keep us safe. he says he has no problem sitting down at terrorist tables….but never says to what end. Given his love of the terrorist, anyone who supports Israel, should be afraid of Obama sitting down with the Iran leader who wants to wip Jewish people off the face of the map. Obama has not ever shown any regard or policies on how to protect Jewish people. In short, he is stupid and thinks they are business, and he wants to tax them, as that is what his drug using friends told him about when he was a community organizer.

    He has absolutely no credentials to be president and he has so many illegal friends and colleagues, who deserve to be thrown in jail. He will award them with government contracts and paying them with your and my money.

  15. what she said!

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