Obama’s terrorist buds

”I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said. ”I feel we didn’t do enough.” Mr. Ayers, who spent the 1970’s as a fugitive in the Weather Underground, was sitting in the kitchen of his big turn-of-the-19th-century stone house in the Hyde Park district of Chicago.

Dinitia Smith’s NYT article (published 9/11/01) is saved in the JKN database.
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The more I find out about Barack Obama, the more convinced I become that he must be defeated.

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  1. What the fuck did that article have to do with Barack Obama? You need to quit tossing out irrelevant media that have nothing to do with the people that you are connecting them to. Get a life, man. There are a lot more dangerous things in this world that you could be complaining about. What? Is Obama going to start allowing domestic terrorists to bomb police headquaters around the nation? Is he going to pardon people who speak out violently against the government? Pathetic.

  2. No one knows what an Obama administration would look like. He has no record, and no accomplishments to speak of. If you consider past associations, and friendships as irrelevant, then there is really nothing left to discern the measure of the man.
    That you think that line of reasoning is pathetic is, well, naive.

  3. Pathetic is an adequate description of B-HO, and his bots.
    B-HO’s associations with so many unsavory people, who have in common a basic dislike of this country, is as good an indicator of his judgement as we can find.

  4. His scant time in the senate made him THE most liberal senator. He now will not state where he stands on anything but losing in Iraq. So we have to judge him on the company he keeps.
    Reverend Wright
    Bill Ayers
    muslim ties
    Hates Isreal

    There’s a lot more but that’s enough for me to not trust him. But you go right ahead, Steve J., and wonder WTF one article has to do with B Hussein Obama.

  5. Video: Shocking Facts About Hussein Many People Don’t Know
    Here’s a bit more on Barack Hussein Obama. (three muslim names BTW)

  6. Here’s another fine associate of BHO.
    Official Blogger a Communist?

  7. Ed Morrissey, now at Hot Air, has more on BHO.
    Judgment now a distraction?

  8. Ayers may have been a terrorist, though it probably doesn’t meet the true definition, the man we’re talking about is a now a professor at a respected American university. If he was still a terrorist, wouldn’t we be putting him in jail?

    This is simply propaganda. Similar to what comes from the left. You’ve seen it. It makes you angry and you can’t believe that anyone but stupid lefties believe it. But there you are repeating the same stuff on the right.

    Get out of your chair Nuke and get some exercise. Then replace this nonsense activity with something productive in society. You’ll be happy you did.

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