Midweek Open

Presenting the 60 cal hand canon.

h/t FHK

7 Responses

  1. 😯 ……. 😆

  2. An oldie but a goodie.
    I think I saw that one first in 2004.
    Hope it was his, cause he sure seemed to have a lot of ass to be kicking on.

  3. fo sho

  4. Also, it ain’t the gun, it’s the loose nut on the grip, that caused that mishap.
    Lesson learned, don’t be eating no fried chicken at the range, unless you are gonna wash yo’hands.

  5. I still want to shoot one of those new 50 cal pistols.

  6. Which one’s Robert D?
    The S&W .500Mag, or the .50AE?
    Why shoot one, when you can shoot two?

    /gotta crash

  7. I’ll try both. 🙂
    G’nite n2l.

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