Strap-On Helicopter Could Offer Solo Flying Experience

It’s not quite the “flying car” of Jetson’s lore. In fact, it looks more like something from another Saturday morning cartoon character: Wiley E. Coyote, using yet another great invention from Acme Mfg.

Your personal “strap-on helicopter.”

Technologia Aeroespacial Mexicana (TAM), the company behind the Libelula strap-on helicopter, explains on its Web site how the device is powered by two hydrogen fuel canisters. Tiny rockets at the tips of the helicopter´s rotor blades take the place of a tail rotor, a component which couldn´t be safely attached to a human body. According to the company, the Libelula would be the lightest helicopter in the world, so light that it could be strapped to a person´s body with a carbon fiber corset.

“The best [part] of this technology is that [these] kinds of helicopters don´t need a tail rotor because they don´t have any torque, so with a simple vane they can turn – being the simplest form of an helicopter and the easiest and safer to fly,” the company says on its Web site.

More info available at the company’s website

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Crash and Burn

London Mayor, “Red Ken” Livingstone, was upended in yesterday’s re-election attempt, completing a nightmare day for Gordon Brown’s Labour Party.

Boris Johnson is the new Mayor of London, his rivals conceded tonight.

The Tory MP scored a stunning election victory to end Ken Livingstone’s eight-year reign and round off a disastrous 24 hours for the Labour Party.

After a nailbiting count, Mr Johnson was so far ahead on first-preference votes he could not be caught by Mr Livingstone, even after second preferences were taken into account.

Labour officials conceded privately that the Conservative was too far ahead. At 5pm, Mr Livingstone’s campaign chief Tessa Jowell said: “The reports I’m getting suggest Boris Johnson is ahead. link

It was a stunning election day in Britain, as Labour stumbled to its worst showing in 40 years.

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Friday Reading

Here’s Hillary’s take on those “huge profits” of the evil oil companies who have “made out like bandits.”

Northwestern University has decided to withdraw its offer of an honorary degree to Jeremiah Wright.

Another Clinton supporter switches to the Obama camp … and here’s the long-winded explanation of why.

Iran is upset with Hillary Clinton for threatening to “totally obliterate” the country … so it runs to the UN to whine about it.

Michelle Obama says that she didn’t want Barack to get into politics because “people are mean” and she would rather him teach, write, sing, dance or do anything else.

Is Hillary Clinton implying that once you make more than $250,000 you are no longer “doing hard work to keep our country going”? I wonder what all those small business owners have to say about that Hillary.

What do you get when you mix environmental dogma and bureaucratic collectivism … disaster.

Airlines are starting to slow down their planes to save on fuel. If they carried less fat people, they’d save a lot more fuel.

When trying to tackle gang-related violence, the first step is for the government to rename gangs as “crews.” Yeah, that’s better. The violence is bound to stop now.

New Jersey is considering a “sin tax” on fast food sales. Citizens are complaining that it is unfair because “it is a necessity to eat.” Just like smokers will continue to smoke, despite cigarette taxes … lardasses will continue to get their daily dose of BigMacs.

When your newspaper publishes information about a $16 million advertising bill for taxpayers to help get the government re-elected … that’s ground for a police invasion to find out who is responsible for printing the information.

The most outrageous part of this story is that the principal of this government high school asked her staff to create a detailed list of any students who were dating so that she could “keep an eye on them to cut down on public displays of affection.”

What is the worst possible thing you can think of that the government could build in your neighborhood … in Baltimore that answer seems to be a government school.

A government school teacher accidentally drove to school with her husband’s loaded gun on the roof of the car. She is now suspended.

Looks like Philadelphia is having a hell of a time with their gun laws.

Are you writing a history paper about the Prophet Muhammad? That’s cause for a Muslim riot.

The outgoing government in Italy decided that its final act would be to publish every Italian’s declared earnings and tax contribution on the web for all to see.

(hat-tip Boortz)

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Emmmmm, breakfast!

SwampMan is a grits purist, so he didn’t want to have anything to do with the garlic grits with green chilis and with a cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese mixed in after it was cooked that I made for MY breakfast  (along with left over mustard greens and pork chops with hot sauce), so I was under orders to fix him some plain ol’ grits for breakfast.

PLAIN grits? Where’s the artistry (and taste) in THAT? I couldn’t help myself. I added a lil’ garlic for taste, but (sigh) nothing for color. He does not like broccoli and cheese grits. He does not like chopped ‘maters and onions and bacon and cheese grits.

He has a tendency to look all squinty-eyed when I make cornbread and demand “what did you put in it THIS TIME?” before he’ll try that, too.


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