Kumbaya baby

I was reading about the Republican loss of MS-01 in the CL, trying to figure out how in the cat hair we managed to give that seat away, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, I thought about an old essay written some time back by our pal RT.

I don’t see how anyone can look at the shifting demographics of America and conclude our great grand-children are going to live in a better, more stable country, than we did, and honestly embrace these changes in the fabric of our society as a positive development for our nation.

And ultimately I don’t see how anyone thinks pulling the lever beside a Republican’s name at the voting booth is going to do anything but continue the downhill slide at anything other than maybe a slightly less steep slope. We are on the certain demographic path to voting in a permanent string of socialism promoting regimes, it’s just a matter of when the current socialist’s slight electoral disadvantage has been permanently swung to their favor on a permanent basis. Israel is in the same Democratic paradox we are, at some point the Israeli Muslims, if allowed to continue to vote, are going to reach the electoral threshold needed to permanently alter the nation’s course from that which it’s founders intended….

I need to chill, and be like the vast majority of our fellow Americans and stop caring so much about the long term indicators regarding America’s prosperity at home, and our status in the future global pecking order, and just let inevitability pass while I am oblivious to the decline. So what if we fail to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of every 3rd world megalomaniac that wants them. Who cares if Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal falls into the hands of Islamic radicals the MSM refers to as “civilians”. Why should I give a shit if America ranks somewhere near the bottom of the pack in education by the middle of this century. I’ll be dead by then, man. Let my kids figure out what to do about that, just like our parents left the North Korean problem for us to deal with.

I am going to make it a point to sit down and watch Oprah everyday, just so I can get in sync with the majority of my fellow Americans. I bet she has plenty of good advice on what’s best for us, and I need to start keeping up with Dancing with the Stars too, because everybody at the office is always asking me if I saw the last episode, so it must be great. You know, the people in Spain, Italy, and Turkey have gotten used to being a former superpower, hell I guess I can too. I never really liked be a member of the Anglosphere anyway. Do they sell Che’ T-shirts at Wal-Mart? I am thinking those radical hippies in the 60s were on to something with this “make love not war” stuff. I betcha if we just stopped sending our soldiers into foreign countries the world would not hate us so much. Then maybe all the world’s conflicts would come to an end if all the world leaders would just sit down at the UN and work out our differences in a civilized diplomatic matter. Diplomacy works, our diplomats know more about how the world works than I do, and there’s nothing wrong with compromising with our enemies if that will keep them happy for awhile.

Kumbaya baby, Kumbaya.

Might as well. We ain’t getting out of this alive anyway.

Meet the new boss

It seems so long ago, that Nancy Pelosi promised the most ethical Congress ever.

After a year and a half of ethical leadership, how is the Dem congress shaping up? More of the same…

a $170 million earmark for the salmon industry, quietly tucked into the mammoth bill at the last minute by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA). I don’t know much about the salmon industry. Perhaps Pelosi and Thompson can explain why it was necessary to earmark $170 million of the taxpayers’ money with no public scrutiny or debate. The earmark wasn’t in the House-passed Farm Bill or the Senate version; it was simply “air-dropped” into the final bill in secret. source

Drain that swamp, baybee.


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