Kennedy strokes

A developing story from Massachusetts: Senator Ted Kennedy has been rushed to the hospital with “stroke-like symptoms.” from AP

Kennedy spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter confirmed in a statement that Kennedy went to Cape Cod Hospital on Saturday morning “after feeling ill at his home.” After discussion with his doctors in Boston, Kennedy was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for further examination.

“He is currently under evaluation that information will be released as it becomes available,” she said.

Hyannis Fire Lt. Bill Rex told The Associated Press that a 911 call came in from the Kennedy family compound at 8:19 a.m. A man was transported to Cape Cod Hospital and transferred by air at 10:10 a.m. from Barnstable Municipal Airport to Massachusetts General.

David Reilly, a spokesman for Cape Cod Hospital, said that Kennedy was brought to the hospital at about 9 a.m. and stayed for about an hour before being flown by helicopter to the Boston hospital. He said he could not comment on Kennedy’s condition or treatment because of medical privacy laws.

The solemn tones of the TV talking heads leads one to believe this is pretty serious.

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  1. I don’t want to be ugly about it or anything, so I will just say I feel nothing about this person’s condition.
    John Effing Kerry as the *shudder* Senior Senator from Massachusetts?
    /what a world…what a world

  2. I just read that he is comfortable in the hospital and watching the ballgame. It can’t be that bad if that’s the case, can it?

  3. The last I heard, he had a couple of seizures.
    Maybe, just maybe, he was watching Saturday morning cartoons, like Japanese anime, and saw one of those toons that causes seizures.
    It could happen!

  4. Of course, this matter isn’t settled until The Peoples Cube has it’s say.

  5. The Absolut World photoshop is a hoot!

  6. They do good work, they do!

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