Kentucky Blowout

Hillary Clinton opened a giant-sized can of W.A. on Barack H. Obama tonight in the Kentucky Democratic Primary. It’s hard to imagine how the Obama campaign can spin any type of positive message coming out of the Bluegrass State, as their hopes now are hanging on a large margin of victory in Oregon.

Even though BHO expects to earn enough delegate votes to put him over the top tonight, his loss of momentum, and the growing negative perception of his viability as the presumptive Democrat nominee is troubling to many voters. Suffering another West Virginia-style drubbing, especially among white voters, Obama simply cannot put Hillary away.

With 90% of the votes in, Clinton has a whopping 35 point lead.

CNN reports some interesting exit polls, which suggest a bitter divide between the two camps.

Two-thirds of Clinton’s supporters there said they would vote Republican or not vote at all rather than for Obama, according to the polls.

Forty-one percent of Clinton supporters said they’d cast their vote for John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, and 23 percent said they would not vote at all.

Just 33 percent said they would back Obama in the general election, according to the polls.

Those numbers are even worse for Obama than in West Virginia one week ago, where 36 percent of Clinton voters said they would back him in the fall.

More: video–Clinton not out yet

12 Responses

  1. Let them check out this video of Barack Hussein (Muhammad) Obama promising to destroy America and the numbers may change even more.
    Obama’s Plan

  2. I wonder about those states that are in the same mode as Caintuck, that they might trend GOP if B-HO is the nominee.
    Yeah, Robert D, that’s the naive appeaser we know. Damn our torpedoes, but not those of our enemies.

  3. That’s the glaring omission there. WE will give up all of our security, but not a word said about the other nations weapons. He does not have America’s interests at heart. Beware the Trojan Horse….

  4. I just wish I could get fired up about Mccain

  5. Yeah, not much there except the security thing.

  6. It’s a mess, alright.

  7. I guess the only thing is to keep B-H(M)O from being POTUS.

  8. I agree.
    Just Say No To B-HO!!!
    /kind of catchy

  9. I like it!

  10. You’ll love this one. Barack Gaffes

  11. I don’t necessarily love it, but that’s him alright.

  12. I dunno ’bout the news coverage where you are, but even on the local news program of the NBC affiliate, Clinton’s win was hardly mentioned, especially not the huge numbers, while Obama’s win in Oregon was highlighted.

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