Blue poodle

After taking the special election in Mississippi’s First Congressional District, Travis Childers sought to reassure voters that he was one of them, a good old boy from Booneville who went to Ole Miss, became a successful realtor, and served Prentiss County as Chancery Clerk.

Does this mark the return of conservatism in the Democrat Party in Mississippi?

Not according to Mr. Childers’ voting record since moving on up to DC…..

…once in Washington, he drank the Democratic leadership’s Kool Aid. In the first 13 House roll calls contested along partisan lines after Childers took his seat in Congress, he voted with the Democrats 12 times. source

In 12 out of 13 votes, Childers voted as instructed by Speaker Pelosi.

A 92% approval rate puts Travis among the leaders in subservience to Pelosi’s dictates.

For a so-called “independent-minded” Blue Dog, Childers is turning out to be nothing but Nancy Pelosi’s poodle.

Fetch Travis, Fetch. Good dog.

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  1. But will the voters of Mississippi notice?

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