I’ve been thinking about this post for some time.

That doesn’t mean anything special in and of itself, except that it’s something that has been on my mind for several months.

Blogging has been an interesting hobby.

I like to write.

Sometimes, I think I’ve even put together some pretty good pieces. Sometimes, not. But, over the past two years, blogging has been an experience that has brought me the satisfaction of seeing my thoughts in words, held out to the public, good, bad, or indifferent.

Having said that, I’ve decided to make some changes.

My intentions are to continue posting on a weekly, rather than a daily basis. I’ll also put up an occasional post, whenever the mood hits.

Naturally, any of the regular contributors who want to post an entry are welcome to continue to do so, just like always.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the process, it is the people I’ve met along the way that have made it all the more special for me. N2l, Robert D., Swamps, MOR, Vimto, Beto: you guys are great. Angel, Mick, WC, VH, Tammy, Doug, David, Doc Bulldog, Ronin, Ed, RT, Coz, Stefania, Eric, IOR, Kamangir, Richard, Jenn, Nem, Thanos, and  others who have contributed, commented, linked, tracked, etc. etc. etc., let me just say “thanks.”

See you around.

17 Responses

  1. Wow, I don’t know what to say. 😕

  2. Yes you do write some good pieces.
    This isn’t the “meat” world, there shouldn’t be any pressure, but a place to go to complete thoughts, marvel at the world we live in, slay some dragons, talk about danged near anything, and enjoy just plain good folks. Course, getting to whop on the occasional liberal or islamic troll don’t hurt none.
    Thanks for letting us know, nuke, but no worries. If you feel all talked out, or want time away from the puter, just say so. I’ve been watching a whole lot more television recently, and not spending as much time in front of the screen, myself. Just been tired and usually talked out by the time I get home, to do much else.

  3. Yep, I need to get away from the computer and spend more time in actual working, so I understand completely. I would miss the online “friends” I’ve made, though, which explains my ambivalence.

    Unfortunately, I also have way more fun writing alone with the computer in the wee hours of the morning than working.

  4. I should be heading to work this week, so don’t take that as non-interest. I think I’d better take all I can get while it’s there. With diesel over $5.00 a gallon I don’t know how long we can survive.

  5. Yeah, fuel prices are putting the hurt on everyone and everything.
    Read this morning that diesel is running right at $9 a gallon in Europe. Somethings gotta give.

  6. Hope you have a prosperous working season, Robert D! I thought that things were worse economically than what they are. While it is true that gas prices are causing grumbling, the casualty in this case seems to be people cutting back a bit at things like more expensive restaurants, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the fast food places at all. How does it look in California (and Texas)?

    Daughter is putting the bite on my wallet this week again….she doesn’t get paid at her new job for 2 more weeks, and her husband is off on drill and HIS check won’t come for a month. (And his civilian job doesn’t pay when he’s off on gummint work.) They *thought* that they would be fine; however, their stimulus check is coming a month after they thought they would be getting it. D’OH!

    That means that the month I had PLANNED to spend bicycling across Florida will probably be spent saying “Hi! Welcome to Wal-Mart!” because I’ll need to find a job QUICK instead of taking off for a month’s vacation from work while starting back to school*. She’s going to be spending my tuition money. (sniffle)

    *Unfortunately, because of the surname, people expect me to actually be good at computers, too. I figure that I might better go ahead and at least try to keep from having a look of “duh!” on my face when people start speaking to me in computerese.

    Did y’all know that you have to put @ $700 deposit for daycare when you have a couple of kids? Yikes! I would have had to leave mine at home in a dog kennel with a bottle of water and a bowl of food. Guess it’s all the regulations/paperwork that people have to fill out for the government now.

  7. Oh, N2L, whycome is Fort Worth advertising in Jacksonville for teachers? Don’t get me wrong, SwampMan would jump at it in a heartbeat if his shop program were cancelled due to budget cuts, but are they shooting teachers or something there?

  8. I didn’t know Fart Worth was doing that.
    I would imagine they prefer to hire black and/or hispanic teachers, though, or at least bilingual teachers. Or maybe, based on the number of more teachers that are hot and getting caught with students in florida, they thought they might import some.
    Like any metro area, unless you match the inner city demo, it’s best to apply in the burbs.

  9. Jacksonville is NOT the place to recruit bilingual teachers, unless one of the languages is ebonics. We was raised on that.

  10. Yeah, they have HUGE signs recruiting beside the freeway.

    Could be they’re impressed by what Florida has done with student scores and want to recruit some of those teachers that are teaching things like reading and math instead of indocrinating on politically correct subjects like why Juan can’t read.

  11. I would recommend doing a search of the FWISD website, maybe some clues could be found there.

  12. Yeah, I might. I was just casually interested; thought that with all your contacts, you might have heard/read something about what was up with that.

  13. No, don’t have too much to do with Ft. Worthless.
    They do have some crime, and per capita, probably higher than Dallas, but can’t say for certain. The inner city schools are pretty much screwed, with drugs and gangs.

  14. Ah, same thing here. The teachers are assaulted, the administration sweeps it under the rug.

  15. And the community leaders scream “racism” to explain the high community crime rates and drive by shootings done by people that SHOULD have been in school but dropped out and can’t get a job because they can’t read or write, and the illegals* are more industrious laborers.

  16. *The illegals may be from Barbados, Haiti, China, or a score of other places, not just Mexico, Central, and/or South America.

  17. Back at ya Nuke. I have always enjoyed your style and point of view.
    As long as you are not leaving for good then I will live. lol

    Take care now,

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