Gas, Stocks, Houses, Cars

It seems like we have been conditioned to believe that rising prices are always a bad thing.

The price of gas at $4.00? B-a-a-a-a-a-d.

Food prices up? B-a-a-a-a-a-d.

So, when housing prices go down, why is that also bad?

Or when stock prices go down, it’s also bad?

For whatever reason, houses and stocks are two things that people feel better about paying a higher price for. Go figure.

And when you have the answer, ponder this … when a house catches on fire, it “burns down.” But a car on fire? Well, it “burns up.”

Have a good Thursday.

Oh yeah, one more thing … the next boneheaded idea from the enlightened class: Save The Planet — stop mowing your lawn


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15 Responses

  1. Well, fire moves faster uphill than downhill. A house, when it burns, falls to the ground (often).

    I think that the fall of housing prices is a great thing. Maybe that’s because I’m a renter who is just starting off in her career, and lower housing prices mean that it’s easier for me to buy a place, build up equity, and become a responsible homeowner.

    The only people who are worried about the drop in housing prices are:
    *those who bought the houses as investment properties and not to live in themselves; and
    *those who can’t afford their mortgages without refinancing when the market goes up.

    No sympathy from this renter. (In fact, there’s a Facebook group: Renters Against Government Bailouts, which sums it all up.)

  2. Save The Planet — stop mowing your lawn.

    Morons. If you can’t mow it-pave it.
    I’m going keep mowing once a week just like always.

  3. Time to ride the rollercoaster again, only this time, there is a response.

  4. Why Iran will fight, not compromise Link
    A rational analysis looking at Iran’s economic problems and pending implosion.

    But, the fact is, the reason Iran will fight is not based on rational thought. (JMHO)

  5. Also, Napoleon said, “never interfere when your enemy is making a mistake.”
    I don’t see how Iran can go to war anytime soon, with anyone other than it’s neighbors, which would be folly, as our forces are watching every move they make.
    Saw this excellent piece yesterday by Amir Taheri.

    As to Rafsanjani, the poor pistachio farmer that has accumulated multi-millions of dollars since becoming a player in the Supreme Council and in government posts. The power play has been on for months, and Rafsanjani stands to replace Khamenei as the leader of the Supreme Council, which would be bad news for Ahmadamdingdong. Iran is royally screwed as long as they stay on this path, and a war would be a lashing out in futility gesture, to try and distract the masses.

  6. Oh…by the by, did you hear who owns the publishing house that published McClellan’s Bush bashing book?
    Don’t tell me you are shocked…I won’t believe you.

  7. yeah I heard about the publisher. The convicted felon

    Mcclellan was probably the worst press secretary in my memory. I never could understand why the President let him stay on past the first week on the job.

    I guess it was kind of like Alberto Gonzales. The President was loyal to his friends – to a fault.

  8. Scott wasn’t very good, that’s fo’sho’.
    He’s got his pay day coming now, though. We know what he values over friends and loyalty.
    I’m out…cya.

  9. I rarely mow the lawn with anything other than sheep power, so I suppose I’m doing MY part for the environment.

    /Nah, I haven’t calculated sheep belches and horse farts into the equation.

  10. What is it about incompetent people that they blame their benefactor for their shortcomings?

  11. Ol’ McClellan must enjoy sucking up to Democrats. He did it throughout his press secretary career, and must have missed it.

  12. I watch the news and wonder, while the talk is about the cost of crude oil, the weak dollar and fear cuasing problems – I think many people are out of touch with the reality of everyday life.

    Gas prices are higher due to greed. Greed from opec, oil companies, speculators, business owners and so forth. yes, I believe things will get better – why, becuase the greedy will burn this sector out and move to the next new money making thing……

    Win a $500 Gas Card

  13. When a customer shops for the best price, is this greed? When a manufacturer looks for alternative and lower cost ways to distribute his product is this greed?

    To use “greed” as some sort of pejorative reflects, I think, a fundamental misunderstanding of free markets. People and companies (producers and consumers alike) always act in their own perceived best interest. Whether or not those actions are successful are often judged by the almighty P&L, and more often than not, on the quarterly 10-k

    That’s a bad thing?

  14. Here you are Will. Don’t shoot

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