Texas Mourns! ARSON!!

The Texas Governor’s Mansion was set ablaze by some miscreant early this morning.
For me, and other Texans, this act of depravity is simply incomprehensible, and I sincerely hope that as soon as the law of man punishes him/her, that the Good Lord will impose his own punishment.
The Governor’s Mansion first opened in 1856, a decade after Texas was annexed by the U.S. government, and has been in continuous use since that time, longer than any other state west of the Mississippi. It has a glorious past, has been home to numerous people of fame, and even more guests.
As a young college student in Austin, I couldn’t count the number of times I walked by, and drove by, the mansion. It was like an old friend, a link to our past and our future, and you could not walk or drive by without looking.
According to reports, this being one, the damage is nearly catastrophic, with the roof buckling, and they won’t know for certain how extensive or serious the damage is, until the arson investigation is concluded, and structural engineers can examine it.
Please pray for our beloved Governor’s Mansion, as it is a dear, dear friend to Texans.

Sunday Sundry Link Dump!

The Bradley Project.
This is a fascinating study, that probably should have a thread of it’s own.

“The Bradley Project’s report, E Pluribus Unum, addresses the urgent problem of American identity in our global and multicultural age, and its wise recommendations for promoting civic consciousness and civic understanding couldn’t be more timely or more fitting. At stake is the future well-being not only of our national idenity and common public life—our unum—but also of the many subcultures within American society itself—our pluribus.”

Two Cheers for Obama! (but not three)

McCain Press Release 4 Jun 08.
This one definitely left a mark.

Sympathy For The Great Satan.
An Iranian ex-pat returns for a visit.

The A-Z Of Barack Obama.
It’s also the Tee to Hee.

Too bad this didn’t come out BEFORE Obama spoke to AIPAC.
This is a classic example of the type of follower of B-HO has.

Calling Obama black is an insult to his mother.

Barack Obama is not black. He is the first mixed-race politician ever to get this far in the onerous and arduously testing American electoral process.

I tolledjah! Didn’t I tolledjah?


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