The Obama Record: Out of touch

I spoke last week about the Obama coronation speech in St. Paul. Obama is clearly sensitive about his lack of a substantial record to stand on. I don’t blame him. Whatever thin record exists, Obama has shown that his position on key issues is hard left.

Although he wants to position himself as the candidate who transcends such mundane things as left and right, liberal and conservative, and politics in general, the facts of his record speak for themselves.

I respect his (McCain’s) many accomplishments, even if he chooses to deny mine.

Let it not be said that we will deny Obama’s record of accomplishments. For example:

The Right to keep and bear arms.

13 Responses

  1. Actually, I refuse to deny his record of accomplishments, as bizarre and destructive to American society as they are.

  2. Perhaps his greatest achievement has been running as a candidate with an image wholly incompatible with what he has actually been doing for decades. This man who is now supposedly going to “unite” us has for years worked hand in glove, and contributed both his own money and the taxpayers’ money, to people who have sought to divide us in the most crude demagogic ways.

    Thomas Sowell

  3. Obama has accomplishments in government? Did I miss something?

  4. We must have missed those accomplishments, theo. I’m scratching my head and wondering the same thing myself.

  5. B-HO had a nightmare, and it was made into a video.

  6. When I think about B-HO’s record, I can’t shake the song Basketball Jones out of my head, especially this line from the Coach Umgwana Kickbooti:

    Sportscaster:Coach, lets talk about your record.
    Coach:MY RECORD? WTH you wanna bring that up for, man…I paid my debt to society…How was I supposed to know she was thirteen…she looked fifteen to me anyway…

    Just needed to get that out of my head…I feel better now.
    As for B-HO, we now know that Newsweek is carrying his water for him.
    I know, shocking, isn’t it?

  7. Not entirely surprising, but them I’m just a cynic.

    Having trouble getting here; my browser (IE) shuts it down most of the time both here AND at school.

  8. I get an error message telling me it has to close.

  9. I had trouble loading earlier, after booting up, but okay since then.

  10. A good video about B-HO from Anti-Mullah.

  11. *BROWN NOTE*
    If they do have such a weapon, God Have Mercy on everyone within a five hundred mile radius of Denver, as this crowd is full of it.

  12. A new candidate for your blogroll, nuke.
    Obama’s Gaffes.

  13. definitely

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