Giving back

Shira bat Sarah from Gulfport challenges all to lend a helping hand to our friends in the Midwest, through donations of time, prayers, and money:

Let’s give them a hand up. Those who face the task of stripping their homes and businesses of sodden furnishings should have the comfort of those meals and smiling faces. Let’s help them out.

Chabad Disaster Relief The Chabad from New Orleans was here almost the day after Hurricane Katrina

Red Cross

Salvation Army

Humane Society Disaster Relief

Let’s fill those empty coffers. Our heartland has given so much to this country. It’s time to give something back.

Worthy, indeed.

5 Responses

  1. Yep, those poor folks are gonna need all the help that can get to them. I’ve seen some tearful folks, worried about their future, and mourning what they have lost, but I haven’t seen any whining.

  2. Lots of new stuff up at Obama’s Gaffes.
    They are coming in fast and furious, these days.

  3. Damn. Guess Obama didn’t think anybody would be questioning the Messiah.

  4. Apparently so, Swampie. I think the team B-HO have come to expect the media to block for him, not just praise him.

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