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\"The Difference betweeen Obama and Osama

(hat-tip DJS)

and a nice music vid …..Paco De Lucia, John Mclaughlin y Al Di Meola – Mediterranean Sundance. Enjoy!

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  1. Obama’s housing projects in Chicago …. corruption, mismangement, and failure. This is what he wants to bring to the rest of the nation. Link

  2. I started reading the piece on B-HO, and my eyes started glazing over, so I redoubled my concentration, and kept reading. As a result, my eyes started bleeding.
    Yep, judge liberals by their good intentions, not their accomplishments.

  3. Did you hear about the Columbian Army rescuing the hostages, and the epic story in how they did it?
    Ranks right up there with the Raid On Entebbe.

  4. Hey! HEY!

  5. Great minds and all… 😀

  6. Yeah, and firsties versus sloppy seconds.

  7. eeewwww……

  8. I’m wore out, but I gotta say, the way they conducted the operation in Columbia was truly spectacular.
    I was reading a story on Sunday, about the FARC, and many are saying it will fold up and implode within two years. Uribe made the destruction of the FARC one of his signature goals, and as he only has a few years left in his second and last term, he might just succeed.

  9. G’nite……

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