State of Florida Executed Convicted Child Rapist/Murderer

The family of Junny Rios-Martinez may finally be getting justice. Mark Dean Schwab has been scheduled for execution by the state of Florida 16 years after he raped and murdered the 11-year-old boy.

This was not Mark Dean Schwab’s first instance of child rape. He had been released from a Florida prison just one month before raping and killing Junny for the rape of a 13-year-old boy. He had served only three years of an eight year sentence.

There is no doubt whatsoever that he committed the crime. He had become friendly with the family and the boy while (falsely) posing as a writer for a surfing magazine, gaining Junny’s trust and lulling any parental suspicions. He called his aunt and confessed to the crime. When captured by the police, he led them to where Junny’s body had been discarded.

The family may again see justice denied for the horrific death of their child. There are appeals to a federal court on the grounds that the execution may be painful.

I sincerely hope that his execution is painful. Unfortunately, it will not be as painful as what Junny experienced.

More information:

UPDATE: State of Florida plans 6 p.m. execution barring last minute stays.

UPDATE: No last minute stays. Execution commenced at 6 p.m. and is complete.

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  1. Had the State of Florida imprisoned the guy for life, or had executed him (although that’s not up to par with our “evolving standards of decency”), this little boy would never have suffered a horrific death.

  2. Just so you know, Theo, those shrill voices, especially from Europe, that are focused on our use of capital punishment, have tipped their hand. Now that LWOP is the worst punishment available, the EU courts are set to ban it. Why? It violates the human rights of the inmate. I kid you not, and that is the goal for the U.S. if ever captial punishment is replaced with lwop. I’ve been involved in an ongoing thread on a Texas inmate sentenced to die, and the scumpals of death row convicts from Europe have tried, and failed, to advance their agenda.
    I noticed your quotation marks, but I still am inclined to add a “d” at the start of that phrase.

  3. Theo is correct. For far too long, sex offenders had been treated as less dangerous than people that commit minor drug offenses. Luckily, that view has changed.

  4. Yes it has changed, and so have the miscreant’s lawyers.
    Imagine, a child that is abused and scarred for life, is forced to testify against his attacker, and is abused and scarred for life by the court.

  5. I would kill the attacker and not subject my child to such an experience.

  6. But that’s just me.

  7. What a POS!

    On Schwab, here is the rest of the story.

  8. I wanted to say that soooo bad, but decided against it.

  9. What?
    Yeah, but seeing has how I beat you to it by an hour and a half, it would have just been silly.
    /and repetitious

  10. They should have hung him 15 years ago.

  11. No, at the top where I reported that he was executed, I came dang close to putting “he’s dead, Jim” with a link to the story of the execution.

    Blackflag, I agree. There are several more pedophiles that raped and killed children including the scum that buried the little girl alive that need executing.

  12. He never should have gone free from his first incarceration.
    However, he can cheat the hangman no longer.

  13. Didn’t see the update til now. I still claim firsties!

  14. Go right ahead. I need to go to sleep. I’ll be having lil’ boys over again Thursday and Friday, and will need to get up early to get prepared tomorrow.

    Store List: French fries, ice cream, hot dogs, lemons for lemon-aid, chisel for breaking out tile because I am freaking sick and tired of my bathroom……er, wait, I better wait to do that until after the boys go home..

    Goodbye, toys neatly in toy box.. Goodbye, non-sticky floor. Goodbye, play-dough free carpet. Hello, chaos.

  15. Hello, Rebel Yells!

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