Independence Day! Celebrate 232 Years Of Freedom!

An unknown author’s verse on Old Glory:

I am whatever you make me, nothing more.

I am your belief in yourself, your dream of what a people may become.

I am a day’s work of the weakest man and the largest dream of the most daring.

I am the clutch of an idea and the reasoned purpose of resolution.

I am no more than you believe me to be and I am all that you believe I can be.

I am whatever you make me, nothing more.

Our nation has set an example for all of mankind, in freedom and liberty. Irrespective of the challenges, it is our foundation, grounded in the belief that free men can overcome any obstacle, meet any hardship, pay any price, and always prevail. It is this belief that inspires many to give of themselves so greatly, that this nation, and it’s short history, can continue to inspire the dreams of it’s citizen’s, and those who wish to be.
God Bless America!
May all who believe in the natural yearning of man, to be free, be blessed on this special holiday.

*Fourth Of July Celebrations Database*
A lifelong labor of love by James R. Heintze.


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