Robin Long, Your Obligations Have Come Due!

A U.S. Army deserter who fled to Canada three years ago has been deported back to America to face possible court martial or a return trip to Iraq.

The Canadian Press.

And so he has, to much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the loons who have supported the many deserters that have fled to Canada.

I visited many of the websites and blogs that are devoted to encouraging and supporting people like Long, who make a commitment to their nation, then violate that agreement and flee to a country that will shelter them. I will not link to any of those sites, as they are the most pathetic group of destroyers of society you could possibly imagine. Duty, Honor, Country are meaningless words to them, as they only support their desire to promote anarchy and Marxism by undermining a nations ability or desire to provide a strong national defence. Perhaps there are some well intentioned people that associate with these groups, but they certainly are misguided and the leaders of these groups know exactly what they are doing, and why.
So do I.

So, to jab those anarchists and Marxist with a pointy stick, I say, Welcome Home, Robin. Your day in court will be forthcoming and perhaps not too soon. In the meantime, you will have many opportunities to learn a skill before entering the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks-Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, such as cleaning latrines, mopping with perfect figure eights and of course, being a master of the electric floor buffer.

I should also include a definition of desertion in this post:

U.S. military law: desertion is not measured by time away from the unit, but rather:
1) by leaving or remaining absent from their unit, organization, or place of duty, where there has been a determined intent to not return;
2) if that intent is determined to be to avoid hazardous duty or shirk important responsibility.
3c)Any person found guilty of desertion or attempt to desert shall be punished, if the offense is committed in time of war, by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct, but if the desertion or attempt to desert occurs at any other time, by such punishment, other than death, as a court-martial may direct.

The UCMJ is found in Title 10, Subtitle A, Part II, Chapter 47 of the United States Code. In Subchapter X, “Punitive Articles,” section 885, article 85, is found the remedy for desertion.

Some look at contracts in daily life as something that can be broken or ignored at will, with some legal wrangling to make things whole again. Signing a contract with the U.S. Army is not such a contract and is accompanied with a solemn oath. That this punk, Long, would volunteer for service, sign a contract and take the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, then decide he didn’t want to take the chance of having his lovely locks harmed, or his sorry butt injured or killed, just walked away and fled the country. He deserves no better than what the Courts Martial decides. I doubt he will get the death penalty, that would do too much harm to the good will of Canada’s PM for sending him back. There are quite a few other deserters in Canada that need to be returned home for prosecution, to take such a punitive action and I would like to see them all returned and rewarded with the full weight of the UCMJ, and many years of military corrections followed with a dishonorable discharge, which is equivalent to a felony conviction and the loss of certain rights and privileges, such as the right to vote.
Once again, Welcome Home, Robin, you worthless sack of excrement, your obligations to this country, your word and your sacred oath have come due.

BTW, did you know there is an actual Memorial To Deserters in Ulm, Germany? I found it in my research and it honors the German deserters of WWII, of which 15,000 were executed.
The central idea behind the memorial? “Desertion is not reprehensible, war is”.
My! How profound and wrong-headed.
How many deserters were there? I don’t know, but with that high a number of executions, it must have been huge and of course we all know how badly WWII ended for Germany.

This further illustrates my contempt for those who do desert and especially for their enablers.

45 Responses

  1. Yeah. I hate that the deserter is being sent back to possibly contribute to our gene pool. Should have kept the pathetic loser in Canada.

  2. Well, besides his admission of “couch surfing” while in Canada, he may have been contributing to the gene pool there. At least in corrections, he will only be contributing to the “jean” pool.

  3. calling this turd “pathetic” is being overly generous.

    On a lighter note, tonight is the MLB All Star Game, which marks the two year anniversary of the blog.

    Thanks y’all.

  4. No shiite?
    This be the anniversary?
    Congrats, Nuke!

    Let’s celebrate with the most lucid and thorough examination of the mortgage problem facing us, by IowaHawk.

    The numbers are complex, but let me boil it down for the economic layperson. Fannie Mae is a government company type thing that has a large pile of money, which I will call “A”. The first thing it does is create $20 million bonuses for high performance executives like Franklin Raines, James Johnson and Jamie Gorelick, which I will call “B.” Next, it allocates an amount “C” to lobbyists to make sure important Congressmen always get a thoughtful holiday card from Fannie Mae. After subtracting B and C from A, they are left with D, which is lent to homebuyers. These homebuyers then pay back the amount E, which, when subtracted from D, leaves F, the amount Congress has to come up with. In order to keep this important financial system humming along at peak efficiency, it is necessary that you, the taxpayer, are F’ed.

  5. more documentation of the corrupt clintonistas and their hand in the Fannie Mae fiasco…Link

  6. Ah, and they’re going to make him get rid of his dread locks. GIGGLE!!!

  7. Hmmm. I admire your prose, but it’s a bit pathetic to waste your talent shooting fish in a barrel. Deserters? Come on. The US is on the verge of economic collapse because great patriot like you keep electing corrupt-self-serving republicans year after year. If conservatives had the courage to take a good, hard look at the action of their leaders once in a while, they would discover a newfound rage and demand accountability. While you are so happy with your conservative “commonsense” the US has become the butt of the joke in everywhere around the world… Sad but true.

  8. nicholas,
    I have concluded by your comment, you are a devoted leftard, that is incapable of being honestly observant about the conduct of elected officials.
    No matter, as for this thread, which you wish to derail, the dung heap known as Robin Long has a bill to pay, and pay he will.

  9. could you possibly be any more ignorant?
    just you wait and see sir.
    just you wait and see.
    someday you will realize why robin didn’t want to fight.
    see you at the pearly gates when they send your war mongering ass to hell.

  10. Marika, I couldn’t possibly be as ignorant as you, and wouldn’t want to attempt it.
    I don’t care why dip-shit ran off to Canada, he voluntarily signed a contract to serve our country in the U.S. Army, took a solemn oath, then, rather than telling the Army he made a mistake and taking the consequences for that, he deserted. Not only did he desert, he fled his own country. I blame him for failing to live up to his obligations and being a physical coward, and I blame people like you and the Canadian government, that would encourage and shelter such a pitiful excuse for a man.
    Don’t concern yourself for my salvation. If you get to the Pearly Gates before I do, try and not desecrate it like you wish our country to be.

  11. war monger. Hehehehehe

  12. I think my ass was called a war monger, not the rest of me.
    Til now.

  13. Obama’s nuts and their magical properties.

    Properties of Obama’s Nuts Sorted By Type:

    * Hope Nut: ends wars, establishes peace on earth, helps blondes keep their hair color longer.
    * Change Nut: helps with spiritual, psychological, and socioeconomic insights.
    * Audacity Nut: balances aura and enhances the magical properties of other nuts.
    * Utopia Nut: navigational aid in spiritual journeys, facilitates psychic visions. If used for the common good, gives the power of prophecy
    * Hegemonut: promotes oneness by eliminating otherness.
    * Articunut: gives eloquence and self confidence, helps to become clean and articulate.
    * Amazonut: brings out the inner woman and helps to fight back male oppression.
    * Shri Nutra: induces mental health and prevents madness
    * Bija Manutra: feel-good emotions, easy flow of relationships, “seeing” music.
    * Blue Goldnut: sets one dreaming, reminds that everyone deserves glitter and excitement in life.
    * Aquamanut: a good luck nut to bring feelings of peace, love, joy, and sex with dolphins.
    * Meteonut: success stimulator, power action nut. Join with others to realize your full potential (advance career through sex).
    * Mandanut: enjoy geometric patterns representing the Universe, experience oneness with any individual entity of your choice.
    * Communut: experience oneness with the community and all major progressive movements.
    * Rollonut: helps to stay in touch with useful people. *Fossilnut: connect to the past on a personal level and in a cosmic sense.
    * Limonut: protects limousine liberals from class envy.
    * Cosmonut: helps to explore un-chartered territory and to develop a map of your own consciousness.
    * Kryptonut: takes power away from certain opponents of progress.
    * Hairy Lassie: promotes self-sacrifice and service to the community.
    * Control Nut: stimulates communication with animals and political opponents.
    * Denial Nut: blocks negative thoughts and emotions, grounds energy. Prevents bad dreams and thoughtcrime.
    * Moon Nut: promotes hope and change, unblocks all emotions, but will lose its shine if separated from the owner.
    * Achilles Nut: the only nut that can be an impediment as it promotes logic, rational thinking, and understanding of objective reality.

  14. I see the usual anti-war idiots pants pissers have shown up.

    Yep, I call him a worthless coward, and I call y’all worthless cowards.

  15. Comment deleted by Nuke.

  16. Heh. A dumbass coward at that.

  17. Uh, yeah, Bob Barr. Whatever.

  18. Bob Barr, ROFL

  19. Dang, I missed what the eloquent wordsmith Mark had to say, so the reference to Bob Barr is lost on me.
    I like Bob Barr, btw, ran into him at the 2001 NRA convention in KC.

  20. Barr? I am not impress

  21. It’s cool.
    He’s a staunch conservative, without the Ron Paul nuttiness.

  22. more on bob barr link

  23. That type of approach has become pro forma.
    I liked the “Barr said he believes the most effective energy solution will be “market-based” and characterized by “free enterprise,” part.

  24. I remember his in your face approach to liberals when he was in Congress, particularly on second amendment issues, and how he pushed the House vote on the repeal of the assault weapon ban.

  25. the global warming stuff just exhausts me. I’m tired of hearing the same faith-based mantra from the gorebalists.

    McCain, Huckabee, and Barr have all jumped on the bandwagon, and it doesn’t do anything for me.

  26. Yep. I would happily vote for a Gaia raper.

  27. I agree, I want to hear more people stand up to the nonsense.

  28. I enjoyed reading the link from Instapundit to what Steven Den Beste had to say about alternative energy here.

    There is no magical transformation for any other kind of power to take the place of what we already have. Apparently lots of people think that Harry Potter is a biography and that waving the magic wand and wishing will make alternative energy work. It won’t.

  29. Oh, my bad. I forgot about clicking the heels together three times and chanting “Solar Power Is the Answer”.

  30. Happy I don’t have to live South of the imaginary line.

  31. Marika, your happiness is exceeded only by my great relief that you don’t live in the U.S. We have enough home grown America haters and moonbats wearing asshats, as it is.
    Take off, eh?

  32. maybe she meant mason-dixon line?

  33. I am astounded by the level of propaganda you American’s are forced to absorb. My astonishment is exceeded only by my sincere hope that eventually the citizens of your country will realize that they are being mislead.
    Those who refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past will be forced to repeat them.
    The USA was founded by murderers who are responsible for the mass genocide of nearly an entire nation of aboriginals.
    Much Love to you from the northside peaceniks….
    good luck, you’ll need it.

  34. Don’t worry, Marika. There are sane people here in the US. There are some of us (most of us) that don’t believe everything that our stupid president tells us. There are many of us (north and south of the hate line) that can see through the propaganda that our government spoon feeds us every day. Fear not, our country is bound to get better as of 2009 no matter who the president is. He won’t be as stupid as W.

  35. LOL!
    But still, chicken shit Long is in jail.

  36. Robin Long may now be in jail, but he can sleep well without guilt that he would have had from participating in a war he didn’t believe in.

    I am proud to have had the chance to support Robin and hope the people of the US and Canada stand up and challenge our governments to do the right thing and never allow a travesty like this to ever happen again.

    James M. Branum
    Defense attorney for Robin Long

  37. Long was fortunate to have a good lawyer.

    Whether or not the citizens of the US and Canada, through their elected representatives, decide to undertake military action is however, irrelevant to Robin Long’s decision to desert.

    BTW, your farm sounds delightful.

  38. A travesty? Like taking a solemn oath, violating it, and leaving the country illegally? Or a travesty such as removing a brutal dictator that murdered his own people, attacked three of his neighbors, violated the terms of his truce by trying to shoot down our planes every day, attempted to assassinate a former President, and violated seventeen unanimous UN resolutions in support of the truce signed at the end of Desert Storm?
    I don’t care that he sleeps with no guilt for not participating in a war he didn’t believe in, as long as he sleeps with the guilt of his crime of desertion.
    I have no respect for people like Long. He had options, if his beliefs were so strong, other than running away. I have even less respect for those who support or encourage people like him.

  39. As a Canadian, I have to say, it really pisses me off that these losers are running up to Canada and claiming to be refugees when there are so many real refugees in the world. I’m so glad that the government here grew the balls to start sending these guys home. BTW, not one person I have spoken to supports these people.

  40. That’s good to hear Spock. Thanks for dropping by.

  41. I had the opportunity to meet Robin.He is a nice guy.I’m kinda sad that he has to do prison time,but he did sign on the dotted line.Of course,he was also completely enamored with the shiny boots of the propaganda machine.He was 18 and needed direction.Something else to consider,he signed up for the reserves to protect his country.Not to invade some shithole nation half a world away.I’m just happy the states are now taking notice of the real problem,Afghanistan.Canada’s been there since the start of the whole Iraq fiasco,but I digress.I think that if a person has something that needs to be taken care of,then take care of it.It’ll bite you in the ass some day.

  42. Hey suckas! Robin Long is out of jail. He is happy and proud of his decision to resist the immoral war.

    • That wasn’t so bad, for such an immoral and reprehensible act of desertion.
      I know you are paid to lie for your clients, but you can drop the act here.
      Calling the re-invasion of Iraq immoral only served the purpose of trying to prevent your client from being deported. You failed in that, so either live with the fact that you aren’t a convincing liar, or don’t. The fact remains that there will always be malcontents and misfits in our society, like Long.
      I still praise the good judgment of the Canadian government for their action, and for establishing a sound precedent, that claimants like Long aren’t legitimate.

    • Did he remain a virgin?

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