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The chin has it…..


Is water wet? Do fish swim? Does a bear **** in the woods?

h/t JD

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  1. I still say, if someone with the video skills, they could do a side by side video of B-HO and Mussolini, comparing the mannerisms.

    I just got this link from my brother, and am hoping that of all the mineral rights we own in La., Miss., and Texas, that we might have some in this area.
    /I’m hoping for some hopiness

  2. Well, I hope your hopiness is rewarded.

    Or something.

  3. I dint see T. Boone’s name nowhere in that article.

    /Maybe he’s puttin’ up windmills on them there claims.

  4. I logged a bunch of wells in that area in the late 70’s. Mostly looking for oil. The gas was a nuisance.

  5. That they can get down that far so much more easily now is amazing, and that there is no data on it from the U.S. Geological folks is surprising.
    I know that area of the country pretty well, and visited the Mansfield Civil War Museum several times. There was a big ol’battle there, once. There sure are a lot of poor hard scrabble folks around there, all the way up to Shreveport. They are experiencing some real “changeyness.”

    Swampie, why you want to rag on T. Boone that way, he’s a good man.

  6. I don’ like people putting up stuff they KNOW is too expensive and won’t work for the power companies and then expect the taxpayers to bankroll it.

  7. My hopiness has been dashed, no interests in DeSoto Parish.

    However, did discover gold over at the People’s Cube.
    *Warning* : These videos contain extremely forward-thinking language. Send your children (if any) to play in the street or something before watching.

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