“All-Out War” in Georgia

South Ossetia, in the central European nation of Goergia is the scene of bitter fighting between the Russian Federation and national defense forces from Georgia. Witnesses said the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali was devastated, with reports of hundreds of civillian deaths.

Russia sent columns of tanks and reportedly bombed Georgian air bases yesterday after Georgia launched a major military offensive to retake the breakaway province of South Ossetia, threatening to ignite a broader conflict…

“I saw bodies lying on the streets, around ruined buildings, in cars,” said Lyudmila Ostayeva, 50, who had fled with her family to Dzhava, a village near the border with Russia. link

Georgia told the UN security council today that Russia mounted a “premeditated” attack on its territory that inflicted many civilian casualties.

Irakli Alasania, Georgian ambassador to the UN, addressed the public during an emergency meeting to discuss the fighting.

“Russia launched a blunt and open invasion of Georgia and has challenged the international community and its established democracy,” said Alasania, whose remarks were supported by the United States.

“The United States is profoundly disturbed by this development and we call on Russia to cease all attacks and respect Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said.

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  1. I knew there had been tension there, for quite a while, but never saw this coming.
    Some suspect Russia timed this attack for the opening of the Olympics. Apparently W has talked with Pooty-Poot about this.
    This could expand, and get very ugly.

  2. no2liberals: I’m sorry but if you read the news you would know that besides of Russian peace-keepers no Russian troops have entered ‘Georgian territory’ before well after the attacks from Georgia on South Ossetia began.

    Russias only goal is to prevent Georgia from entering Nato. And with the US struggling in their own wars all over the place they have to thank Saakashvili for being so generous towards them regarding the timing of this war.

  3. Sebas, we all “read the news” around here, bud.
    Sorry if Georgia hasn’t been on our radar screen.

    I see you have been following the situation closely.
    Hope you folks get through this difficult time.

  4. Sebastian,
    I understand Georgia attacked South Ossetia, but it is a breakaway state from Georgia, and is none of Russia’s business, except that, Georgia is a breakaway state from Russia, which has been an issue Russia has been stewing on for years.
    I know Russia doesn’t want Georgia in NATO, no big surprise there, but they also want to absorb Georgia back into their failed empire.
    If all Russia wanted to do was expel Georgia from Ossetia, then why invade and bomb Georgia? I will concede the timing aspect to the Georgians, but not the invasion of Russia into Georgia. As feckless as the Europeans have become about NATO, they won’t do anything, and probably wouldn’t have if Georgia were a full member.

  5. You’ve got that right. Expecting actual action from Europeans seems to be an exercise in futility.

    Watching grass grow is more productive of action than watching Europeans spring into action.

    Perhaps Belgium will write a new regulation concerning global warming and armed invasion.

  6. I do not know how you receive information, but the fact is: almost all european and US news say Georgia was defending. You see some photoes of Georgia’s people, cities, but no pictures of the Zhinvali, you have no friends mates or close people there and we have and we know the truth.
    The facts are:
    1. Georgia attacked Zhinvali using numerous forces on the beggining of the Olympic games violating the agreements of none-fire
    2. Georgia violated the agreements of using “GRAT” systems against unarmed Zhinvali citizens
    3. They killed almost 2000 people in their actions and had a lot of shots at peacekipping russian forces not occasionally (I have a friend who was injured there).

    How should Russia act in this way? Russia called for emergent NATO decision, but none actions were made except words. Time was ticking people were dying.
    How dare somebody abuse Russia in something.
    They had to bomb militar objects in Georgia to prevent the conflict excalation, to reduce the possibility to loose russian own forces.
    And in this situation, everybody believe Georgia was going and doing right? hello, don’t you see the truth?
    By the way, US government supported Georgia in everything, is in’t it fascism? Remember Iraq< Afganistan, Kosovo – US forces bomb everyone they like or dislike and have no word against. And when Russia defends itself, DEFENDS, appear only abuses of violation.

    It’s a pity the world is affected by politics and newsmakers that print ordered texts..

    good luck to you and wish you never ever have a chance to feel yourself as people of Zhinvali felt…

  7. Sergey, whether you are a concerned party, or a Russian operative, I don’t know.
    I all I know is, based on your comment, I call BullShit.
    Go here, s’il vous plait.

  8. Hi to anyone.

    Could anyone tell me an answer that if someone tries to say that Georgia first attacked South Osethia with Armors, howitzers and volley fire systems killing hundreds and thousands is an agent or russian security officer instead of just a man looking through news trying to enter the discussion and just to show his point of view based on information he got from newsletters, tv, internet or whatever?

    I’m agree that Osethea is a breakaway georgian territory as chechnya was in russia and the situation is close to that we have theese days when separatists attacked Dagestan provoking russian second military in that region. But the way of solving the situation is deeply different. Our military didn’t use volley fire systems to demolish the cities killing thousands. Of course there were victims of war, and of course they are at this point. But in consider to those people died in Iraq, Yugoslaviya, Palestina here died much less.
    And what is really disgusting that is noone recalls how US was entering Iraq, how it was bombing Yugoslaviya, and Kosovo is the best example of what the US is doing – You want to be free, the majority of Your citizenship wants to be free, there was a genocide, no problem, You are free and god bless the U.S. Why Osethia cannot do the same by there own – they were also genocided in 90 ‘s by georgian, they also have the majority to become an independent country. So I think U.S. behavior here is hypocritical, subjective and wrong.

    So returnig to that I have started with – From the one hand it was really wrong to enter the conflict, but from the other – it saved thousands of Osethian lives. Bombing outer regions – supposed to be neccesary for destroying georgian military comunication system(recall US Yugoslavia bombardments – they did the same but noone, I underline – noone have said anything against or even tried to).

    What do the world has now? It has no war in that region at this point – the price – is big enough – thousends of both Osethians and Georgian are now gone, hundreds of troops are killed. Demolished cities and villages in Osethea and damaged cities in Georgia.

    So I’m not supprting war, it is ugly, it is cold, it is scary and it is mercilessly. But do not look at this conflict from only one side – just try to be more objective by comparing pictures taken from Osethia and Georgia, by comparing different countries news and comments and You probably will have some real information on what the hell is goin’ on there. In all conflicts try to listen one side and another – the truth is some where in the middle.

    Thank You for Your attention… by the way – I’m just a physicist – I’m not a Russian security agent.
    And I’m sorry for my mistakes and misprints.

  9. no2liberals,
    The fact that you doesn’t believe in georgian bombing of Zhinvali isn’t a proof, that georgian not done it.
    I can say that you are georgian operative, no2liberals, but it doesn’t prove anything.
    We still not have any of bombed Zhinvali photos. It’s strange. Yes.
    And we have plenty of Georgian war photos.
    I hope, international tribunal comittee will clear things out. Russian prime minister claims 1500 civilians dead in Zhinvali after bombings. He has to give people the proofs.
    It’s too little we know to get opinion which side to take.

  10. no2liberals

    This is the site specially for such people like you:

    By the way, I’m not Russian, I’m Armenian. But I guess you do not know the difference, as you do not know the Georgia. We have a lot of mutual friends, relatives and respect traditions or cultural specificies of each other and we are much closer to each other then USA to Georgia are.

    We have no sense of war – it is a politics game involving the publicity affected by the newsmakers. If you do belive your TV set, we have nothing to discuss then.

  11. Look, all three of you, if you read the other piece which I linked to above, you will see where I stand, based on the information that is currently available.
    I am in full support of the independence and sovereignty of all nations. That the Russian leadership is so corrupt and not democratic, should concern everyone.
    I do believe, based on what I have been able to find, and more is coming out, that Russia provoked this situation with Georgia. It is impossible to coordinate so many soldiers, their machines, food, medicine, etc., in such a short period of time, and invade. It takes months to prepare for an invasion, and when you combine it with the cyber attacks, it seems fairly obvious. That and Russia isn’t complying with the cease fire agreement, as we speak.
    I also will not forget what Russia tried to do to prevent the pro-western governments in Georgia and Ukraine, by poisoning Yuschenko.
    Russia will pay a price for their adventure, but I’m not sure they have finished causing trouble for the caucuses.
    I also understand there is some concern by Armenians about Azerbaijan. I hope that isn’t the case.
    As for the damage Georgia is supposed to have caused in Ossetia, I am still waiting for visual proof, it has been about a week already, and the longer it takes, the more suspect the proof will become. I’m not proclaiming Georgia is innocent, just that Russia provoked the entire episode.

  12. no2liberals – so what about shooting with such an overarmed militaries the city of Zhinvali – explain me that? Probably it was fully populated by South Osetians Soldiers – old ladies, babies and old men. Or why was it so neccesary to shoot down Russian peace keepers by Georgian peace keepers and finally – what were the Georgian peace keepers had to do there? What was their objective? I just want to say that bombing Zhinvali in that way considered if Russia had made a nuclear strike on Tbilisi – just in case. If they were making such a dense attack on mountains by breakaway region soldiers groups that could be a fair play – but to use such an artillery to a city – really wrong!

    By the way why here is so less Americans or Brittish people – it would be very interesting to hear what people say there – what do they think all about.

    Thanks a lot to anyone once again.

  13. Leonid, show me proof of what the Georgian Army did in Ossetia.
    I’ve seen one picture, in the last week, which was allegedly taken there, of a burning house.
    Why did Russia build raliways in Abkhazia in areas without people? It was so they could move their tanks into Georgia quickly, 1200 hundred tanks, and they all entered Georgia in a matter of a few hours. You can believe Russia is the victim or the defender, if you chose, but I’m not buying into that propaganda. And let’s not forget Russia was violating Georgia airspace weeks ago.

  14. Its all much simpler: invasion and aggression has been an undivided part of Russian politics for centuries. I doubt whether anyone having free access to infomation argues that.Should anyone be surprised that they just want to achieve USSR glory, imperialistic dream, thats it. Even if Georgia first had attacked Zkhinvali, what was the purpose of bombing cities miles away from the conflict zone?To protect? Who? The inhabitants of devastated cities and villages were Georgian citizens, civilian people.It makes clear russias intentions of occupying the small neighbour. Frankly speaking, I hardly believe if anyone in Russia has a real idea of whats going on – in condition of full information vacuum and biased media.

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