Official Obama Gesture of Veneration

Whenever Obama appears, his followers are going to make big ol’ zeroes with their hands in a gesture of supplication and surrender. I encourage them in this endeavor. I suspect that we will be better off if his followers’ hands are in the air where we can keep an eye on them.

I’m not so sure that the “please don’t hurt me, I give up!” gesture will help if they come up against PUMA at the Democratic Convention. I believe PUMA’s gesture of support for Hillary includes a baseball bat and an Obama delegate.

Update: Perhaps they’re all just really, really big (well, you know).

7 Responses

  1. Hehehee, you’re so baaaaaad

  2. Yep. That’s what SwampMan says.

  3. They should have shaped it a little more like an oval, you know, for the GOATSE symbol.
    What’s really funny about this symbol is, it isn’t original. Just like so many of the other things the B-HO campaign has plagiarized, they took this from an episode of Star Trek.
    I kid you not, the SPACE HIPPIES!

  4. I may need to start stocking up on popcorn and diet A&W for the UFC in Denver, between the PUMA’s and the Obamamaniacs.

  5. I remember that episode. It’s a perfect analogy!
    Great find …

  6. I didn’t make the original find, some commenter over at Gateway Pundit did.
    I like the dialogue with Spock, they are just destroying the whole hippie culture, in a very nice way.

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