Shopping Spree…what’s in your emergency kit part 4

My latest adventure in on-line shopping landed me several items that will come in handy at the camp-house/retreat.
First up, from Home, a couple of fine kerosene heaters.

Next, from St. Paul Mercantile, several items that are bundled together for a nice price savings, including a stove, oven, and lanterns, all powered by kerosene, a portable SW radio,spare parts, and last but not least, a very cool water filtration system.

This kind of shopping has caused Mrs. Nuke to chuckle more than once. I told y’all earlier about my greenhouse, and her reply that “at least it’s cheaper than a sports car.”

He Hee.

So, now she’s asking me, “But Honey, do we really need 500 gallons of kerosene?”

Hope y’all have a great weekend.

12 Responses

  1. Exactly how active of a hurricane season do you expect?

    /yeah, I know, it only takes ONE.

  2. I say you still need a sports car, a small one, a two seat roadster, like a Pontiac Solstice.
    Anyhoo, so you are conditioning the air to be hot, that’s good, fall will be here soon, but wouldn’t you want to also condition the air to be cool? Especially, if it could be done cheaply, and efficiently?

  3. I would like for somebody to ‘splain to me how the air is cooled, aside from Chinese engineering genius.

  4. I can’t splain it!

  5. dang. just dang. that is velly interesting.

  6. That’s why I thought I would plop it on here, my big bruh sent me the link. He’s always into the newest gizmo for his home.

  7. I’m goin’ to hafta get me one o’dem.

  8. The cooler isn’t high-tech. You just freeze some getl paks, put them inside, and blow air over them. It will not cool an entire room, but if it is blowing right on you, the air will be up to 10 degrees cooler than the room air for about 4 hours, then you have to replace the melted paks with ones from the freezer. No free lunch here. You could do the same thing with a small fan and a bowl of ice.

  9. Heh, thanks for the heads-up, John.
    Sounds like the Chinese engineering genius is more like American marketing genius. Two hundred bucks for a fan is a nice markup.

  10. Well, John, thanks for the explano.
    Now our Swampie can relax…a little…more.

  11. Hunh. Yeah, when they said there was no freon involved and it used no more energy than a 60 watt bulb, I was thinkin’ (small) fan blowing over cold object.

  12. Don’t forget your pocket chainsaw.

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