Where there’s smoke

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

Does it matter?

This registration document, made available on Jan. 24, 2007, by the Fransiskus Assisi school in Jakarta, Indonesia, shows the registration of Barack Obama under the name Barry Soetoro into the Catholic school made by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro. The document lists Barry Soetoro as a Indonesian citizen, born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, and shows his Muslim step-father listed the boy’s religion as Islam.(AP Photo/ Tatan Syuflana)


So, what do you think? Is he a Muslim? His step-father certainly thought so.

Does it matter? I would find it difficult to believe that anyone who has been even half-awake for the last seven years wouldn’t agree that it matters. It matters a lot.

h/t Free Republic

41 Responses

  1. No, in fact, it doesn’t matter. What kind of racist (sorry, religionist) are you to make such a crass statement. There are something like 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet and less than one percent of them are terrorists. To think otherwise is just bigoted.

    The above picture is an application to go to a school. His step-father was a Muslim and he represented his adopted son as a Muslim. Were you a Christian when you were born? No. You were nothing and your parents called you a Christian. It wasn’t until years later after you read scriptures and made your own decisions that made you a Christian. Being called something by your parent doesn’t make you that. It merely points you in that direction. You have to make the decision for yourself.

  2. Islam’s problem has very little to do with my individual perception, and everything to do with the actions of its adherents. Those problems do not go away by labelling me as bigoted. In fact, that label changes nothing at all, except to make well-meaning persons like you feel better about yourselves in your effort to accommodate a way of life that seeks neither accommodation nor partnership, but rather dominion.

    BO’s Website makes the claim that “Obama Has Never Been A Muslim.” The AP photo suggests otherwise. You be the judge.


  3. The only problem that Islam has is the representation that it has to most Americans. Yes, there have been numerous deplorable acts done by some adherents to the faith. But it’s not like Christianity hasn’t done the same thing – remember the Crusades?

    But that is not what this post is about. It is about Barack Obama’s denial of being a Muslim. Well, think about it this way: Let’s say that someone were raised in a polygamist cult and they didn’t have any say about what their religion was as a child. And then after the cult was disbanded, the child grew up and became a Christian. Would they necessarily tell people that they used to be a polygamist cultist? It wasn’t their decision to be raised that way. Just because your parents (and in this case, STEP father) call you something, doesn’t mean that you were that thing.

  4. Jacob, Jacob. The crusades were a pushback against an earlier conquest of parts of Europe by….Muslims. The first crusade started because the Turks refused to let the Christian pilgrims visit the holy cities.

    It sounds like what you’re saying is that because somebody fighting under a Christian banner in the medieval period offed somebody with a sword, it excuses a huge number of disgruntled followers of a sociopathic religion to commit any atrocity imaginable TODAY.

    If Obama has lied (repeatedly) about his past, what else is he lying about? He had a Muslim upbringing. Instead of hiding it, why not say that “yeah, I was in Muslim schools when I was a kid, but I repudiated it when I grew older”. He never did that. So, why is he lying?

    The (nominally) Christian church he was in had close ties to Louis Farrahkan. His “pastor” and “friend” traveled to Libya to meet Muammar Qaddafi. His half brothers are Marxist Muslims and one has been implicated in atrocities. His mother was a Marxist. His (biological) father was a Marxist Muslim. He was close friends (although he now says acquaintances) with people that were domestic terrorists intent on overthrowing the government.

    “I believe in the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change,” Obama has asserted. He also says his faith has led him to question “the idolatry of the free market.”

    Not exactly the sort of person that I would choose to be the leader of a country that believes in free markets, aside from any questions about where his loyalties lie.

    Where his loyalties lie is a HUGE issue that the press has been complicit in covering up. Perhaps the National Enquirer should look into it.

  5. Well, think about it this way: Let’s say that someone were raised in a polygamist cult and they didn’t have any say about what their religion was as a child. And then after the cult was disbanded, the child grew up and became a Christian. Would they necessarily tell people that they used to be a polygamist cultist? It wasn’t their decision to be raised that way. Just because your parents (and in this case, STEP father) call you something, doesn’t mean that you were that thing.

    Uh huh. Well, suppose a child were raised in that same household where sexual abuse of children was part of the religious practice. I would be very worried (and suspicious) about his past when it came to children. The details of his upbringing do not mean that he would also be a pedophile, but it doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t. The prudent course would be to not allow unsupervised visits with children.

  6. Please don’t attempt to talk down to me, swampie. I am well aware of the reason for the initiation of the Crusades. What I was referring to was the collateral violence that occurred during the Crusades. While attempting to push out Muslims from Europe and/or take back the city of Jerusalem, Christian crusaders killed thousands of Jews and Orthodox Christians (I guess they weren’t the “right” kind of Christian) that had nothing to do with the Muslims.

    And please don’t refer to Islam as a “sociopathic religion.” It really destroys any credibility that your post has. Not to mention it makes you sound like an incredible bigot.

    And you are STILL missing the point of my original post. Just because the boy’s non-biological father wrote down that the boy was Muslim on an application to attend a *Catholic* school (not a Muslim school, as you had indicated) does not mean that he was a Muslim. I’m not saying that Barack didn’t practice Islam in his youth; I am merely saying that this is not indisputable fact of such.

  7. Mmmm, I’m not sure Swanpie was talking down to you, She was offering historical insight. You knew it already? Well that’s good, but it doeasn’t make Swampie patronizing.Does this all matter. Too right it does. this guy might be president of the U.S.A. sometime soon (though I hope not (UK interest here)) and if there is any issues that throw light on his thought process’ it should be looked at. Subject to light so to speak. It’s the least the citizen can expect of a potential leader.Oh, and as yet we have no idea what barking ideas he might come out iwth. He ain’t put his thoughts onto solid ground yet. But…..heywarm regards.

  8. Above note submitted by mistake prior to proofing. Sorry it looks illlliterrate…….

  9. Hey, Vimto1! It’s been awhile.

  10. VIMTO!
    Is that really you?
    Dang, son, it’s been far too long!

    As for the B-HO apologist above, y’all deal with him, I just got through clue-batting some genuine muslims, who were doing the voodoo, that they do, called da’wa.
    I went jihad on their ignorant asses.

  11. Oh…uh…

    Is that really you?
    Dang, girl, it’s been not too long!
    / 😀

  12. /chopped liver.

  13. No you ain’t!
    Not by a danged sight!
    /just sneaky

  14. Heh. I have to get prepared by the invasion of the 4-year-old and 1-year-old tomorrow evening.

  15. take a lot of vitamins and hang in there!

  16. Just have fun with those little miracles.
    /it will be over soon

  17. Uh hunh. I’m not sure if there are enough vitamins.

    I’ve been a little concerned about that whole cyber warfare thing. I signed up for some IT security classes.

  18. Thanks Nuke for this posting which I sent to my friends with the following note:

    I don’t doubt that he now is a practicing Christian and, for 20 years, was a member of a Black Liberation Theology Church that preaches separatism and hatred of the USA.

    But why can’t he admit that in his early years, his father was raising him as a Muslim?

    I would personally feel more comfortable if he had remained a moderate Muslim rather than being converted into Wright’s Church of Hate.

    Where is the deep journalistic research and fact checking standards of the National Inquirer when we need them?

    Princeton Junction

  19. There’s fire. It matters. He has even repeated the muslim affirmation of Allah, etc., on national TV. What does that tell you? And that church he belonged to, has no record of his baptism, does it?

  20. Personally, I’d prefer a presidential candidate who didn’t believe in the supernatural at all…

  21. I hear you there, Al. But with radical religionists (read: evangelicals) running the country, or at least the majority of the voting public, that’s not bound to happen any time soon. The few of us that are intelligent enough to make our decisions without the crux of religion hampering them will most likely never be in the majority.

  22. I see self-congratulations have been extended.
    We can only pray to God that the godless will never have power in this country.

  23. Does it matter is Os(b)ama is Muslim?


    1) The man disrespects this country by REFUSING to say the pledge of aligance. I was at the meeting at Baldwin College in Cleveland. When the kid, and we thought he was part of the press, stood and demanded that Os(b)ama say the pledge….the look on this *ricks face was total shock…..and the response “OH I THOUGH WE ALREADY SAID THE PLEDGE”. I was there from the get go and he came in and started running him mouth.
    2) The man started his political career with a known criminal. Ayres is NOT the saint that Os(b)ama thinks he is……Ayres is a terrorist and can you please tell me what the Muslims have been doing for the past 7 years?
    3) The man’s “former” minister, I will NEVER forget those words if I live to see 100, “GOD DAMN AMERICA” not to mention Os(b)ama’s former minister blaming the whites for all the diseases the black have. Well, DAAAAAAAA if the guys would have kept their zippers zipped and the gals kept their legs crossed, well the rest I will leave up to your to imagine.
    4) Than the one that *iss’s me off the most NOT to mention what is quoted on PAGE 261 in his book THE AUDACITY OF HOPE, “I WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS SHOULD THE POLITICAL WINDS SHIFT IN AN UGLY DIRECTION.”

    Now we are finding out that Os(b)ama according to a Philidelphia attorney, and a Democrat I might add, is telling us that Barack (muslim name, strike one) Hussein (muslim name, strike two) Obama (muslim name, strike threeeeeeeee YER OUT) might not be a naturalized American Citizen. IF it is true thaN OS(B)AMA HAS MORE BRASS THAN THE BRASS BALLS ON A BRASS MONKEY.

    Sorta makes you wonder about the other 5 statesmen that ARE Muslim and that HAVE taken the OATH OF OFFICE from a copy of the KORAN (try the Democratic Congressman from the fine state of INDIANIA). Now the Muslims want another Muslim in the Oval Office…..NOT AS LONG AS THIS NATIVE AMERICAN IS ALIVE.

  24. I am looking for some info on this turnning his back on the flag during the Pledge of Aligance. Or when he refused to say Pledge of Aligance.

  25. Perverted are you a “Native American”? As long as we are into accurate labels then in less you are a Native America then the accurate term is Caucasian/African/Asian/Chines/ or whatever -American. You know labels are very important.

  26. Just because your parents say you are something does not mean you are! Smoke that!!

  27. wow.your argument is convincing. I’m persuaded.

  28. yeah, that’s it. i’m voting oooob, Obbbaaaaa, bbbbaaaamm…
    O.K. My computer won’t even let me say that. Guess I’ll just vote for a real American.

  29. What are you really scared of?

  30. the convergence of the radical left and islamic mufsidin, both who see western society as the evil enemy, and both who find refuge and cover in a much larger group.

  31. I think we’ve gotten a bit off topic, but I think some things should be considered that have been said. First, Barack Obama is an American citizen, as he was born in Hawaii(a U.S. state) and has an American mother. He only lived with his father for less than 2 years, and only met his “devout Muslim relatives” once in his entire life. Also, I think it is important to realize that a very small portion of Muslims are terrorists and that these Muslims are not following their own religious doctrine, which, like many, tell them not to murder others. Therefore, the prospect of Obama being a Muslim isn’t a big deal, but him lying about it is.

    Back to the original topic…The formal document states that his step-father claimed that Barack was Islamic. This does not state that Barack “Barry” Obama claimed he was Islamic or practiced Islam. It is honestly up for interpretation, as his step-father may have wanted him to fit in with the Islamic culture there, may have wished him to be Islamic, may have had dislike for him or his father and therefore claimed he was Islamic just his father was, etc. There are many explanations which is why we actually ask the guy what really happened, and he has told us that he was never a devout Muslim, never practiced Islam, and is currently a Christian. Whether the church he attends is up to your standards of Christian is another debate.

  32. well, let’s see. His daddy was a muslim. His step daddy was a muslim. His entire family in Africa says he is a muslim.
    His pastor at TCoC was a former muslim.
    I think it is important to realize that the muslim influence on his life is much deeper than he admits. His website has said many conflicting things, but your candidate has only made one public statement that I know of regarding his religion: that to Geo Stepanopolis when your candidate spoke of “my muslim faith.” Mr. Stepanopolis, of course, came to his defense and corrected the so-called mis-statement.

    As to whether or not your candidate’s church is up to my standards, I would tell you that this really isn’t about me. But since you bring it up, what church does your candidate attend, now that he disavowed his own pastor and church of twenty years?

  33. Yes being muslim does count! BUT that’s NOT the ISSUE!! WAKE UP WORLD- YOU STILL DON’T GET IT: THAT’S NOT ISSUE!!!! He LIED,
    about his name, BUT the BIG LIE, HE IS NOT, NOT, NOT an American
    citizen!! PERIOD. There is NO legal documentation in AFRICA and upon arrival to Indonesia of ANY American US citizenship!!! HELLO, anybody still got brain function happening, and can’t see ALL THE RED FLAGS!!! He has NO RIGHT BUT TO BE Court Marshaled as
    a ‘traitor’ to America, having LIED TO GET ELECTED, documented to have paid 95K in 12 states to law
    firms to HIDE,PROTECT “ALL” his personal identity. Now I just wonder why that is? DAAAAAAAA Anybody out there got a brain working these days!!! As American citizens we have THE RIGHT every three years to VOTE OUT 50% of ALL ENCUMBENTS, nothing against ANY. We’d merely be sending a message!! If they’ve been there before, VOTE THEM OUT!! That way ALL ties to ‘special interests’ WILL be SEVERED!!! AND send a clear message to ALL remaining, the next 3rd year following THE REST WILL MEET THE SAME FATE! “For the GOOD of ALL, and END special interests, PERIOD!!! It is, OF the people, FOR the people, and BY the people!! And as a FEDERAL CRIME AGAINST AMERICA, Barry Soetoro, no matter his real name, or his faith, but that IS BEHIND “EVERY MOTIVE” you’d be a fool to think otherwise, AND IS NOT A US CITIZEN, Anybody awake out there!!!! And ALL YOU OUT THERE, who think being a muslim doesnt’ mean something, or have bearing on the issues of America, try reading their koran. FACT: WRITTEN in their koran: It’s OK to lie to a jew, a christian, ANYONE NOT A MUSLIM and it is NOT a sin, in THEIR RELIGION!! Why do you think Barry Soetoro can lie, with a straight face, and it NOT BOTHER him? DAAAAAH!!! FACT!! read it for yourself, before opening your mouth IGNORANTLY!!! FACT!!! > ANYONE “NOT” converted to islam, or willing to do so, the koran STATES “THEY ALL” MUST convert or BE KILLED!!! AND this is in reference to EVERY PEOPLE, TRIBE, TONGUE, and NATION on earth. PERIOD. It is SO Specific, you’d have to have HELP to MISUNDERSTAND IT’S WRITINGS, and HELP TO GET CONFUSED!! HELLO, ANYBODY READ!!! I DARE YOU, READ their koran and decide for yourself. WAKE UP AND SMELL the_ _IT
    about to hit the fan, Barry Soetoro has even REDEFINED “Terrorist”:
    read this for YOURSELVES O those with a voice, and an opinion based on HEAR-SAY and not THE FACTS!!! Actually defining terrorists AS: christians and conservatives!! YES our TWO FACED, if he opens his mouth IS LYING Barry Soetoro, WHY, ask yourselves WHY haven’t we heard one ORANGE, OR RED ALERT WARNING Americans of terrorist threats WITHIN and OUTSIDE our country? Because you can’t call them TERRORISTS anymore!!!!
    And OPEN DOOR to there presence to destroy us from the top down, from inside out. When the __IT hits the fan, BECAUSE of our NATIONS “SINS” abortion, shedding of innocent blood, gay and lesbian LAWS of acceptability, calling good evil and evil good, and think NOT that God Almighty WHO made this nation FREE, by HIS WORDS were ALL our laws based on and founded, that this One Nation UNDER God, who has turned it’s back on God, and forcing those who believe in God in CHRIST JESUS, THE ONLY WAY, to God the Father, won’t JUDGE US? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! The Sword of His Judgments JUST AND TRUE, which is His Word that is the PLUMLINE TO ALL MANKIND, allows to be sent upon a nation who REFUSES to receive His Grace and Mercy of forgiveness. That ONLY by Christ Jesus, His Son sent,&lived without ONE SIN, died, and ROSE AGAIN, WHOSE Blood, innocent and shed for ALL who will believe and receive His Sacrifice for us to the taking away our ALL who believe, their sin debt. A debt He DIDN”T owe, and a debt we owed and could not pay!!! SO here we are people, choose you this day whom YOU will SERVE, GOD’S Son, Jesus Christ, or another. Hell is NOT made for mankind, only for lucifer and his fallen angels. Man sends HIMSELF THERE!!!

    Their religion is NOT a peace loving religion!! PERIOD!! The word LOVE isn’t even in the koran regarding the heart, actions, or life of a muslim.

  34. Hey Donna, I am Awake and may I say, “It sounds like you need to get a little sleep.”

  35. Well I think Donna makes some good points. The main one being Wake Up America! They hate us….

  36. This isn’t Barack Obama. This kid is 9 years old, and clearly isn’t Obama. He’s way too short.

  37. The point isn’t if he’s Muslim. The point here is that the transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia while an undergraduate at the school. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California . The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify for this scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship.

    This document provides the smoking gun that many of Obama’s detractors have been seeking –
    that he is NOT a natural-born citizen of the United States – necessary to be President of these United States . Along with the evidence that he was first born in Kenya , here we see that there is no record of him ever applying for US citizenship..

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