School Days

The first week of school in Ridgeland, Mississippi was memorable for this brand-new kindergartener

(who just happens to be Nuke’s granddaughter).

Special thanks to Annie at The Madison County Herald for graciously providing this wonderful photo.

Mrs. Nuke is thrilled.

It’s all good.

Dead ant. dead ant. dead ant. dead ant. dead ant

Calling it a “routine procedure,” TSA spokesman Elio Montenegro from Chicago explained to ABC News that a TSA inspector was simply trying to determine if airplanes on the tarmac could be broken into. Unfortunately for American Airlines, and the passengers who were scheduled to fly out of O’Hare Field on the nine damaged American Eagle planes, the inspector’s overnight inspection damaged “sensitive instrument probes.”

The TSA agent, as part of spot inspection of aircraft security, climbed onto the parked aircraft using control sensors mounted on the fuselage as handholds, according to a TSA official in Chicago, Elio Montenegro.

I feel so much safer now, don’t you?.


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