My favorite Bidenism-“My state was a slave state”

With the VP speculation settling on Joe Biden, I thought I would reach into the archives and pull out one of my all-time favorite Bidenisms.

6 Responses

  1. If you didn’t catch it… it’s confirmed – Obama – Biden.

  2. B-HO was wasn’t going to win anyway, but trying to find a veep candidate who would have more gaffes than he, to try and take the heat off, isn’t going to work.
    Hey, Obama baby.

  3. That didn’t take long.
    McCain Ad.

  4. Obama baby. I like that….oh, and choosing Biden, he’s toast.

  5. Robert D, B-HO was already dried out, burnt toast before he hired this walking turd.
    Ol’Barabbus must have been previously engaged.

    Y’all have a good’un.
    Won’t be around much today or tomorrow. Grandbaby invasion.

  6. I like the McCain Ad too. The party of flip-flops.

    Have fun with the grandbabies n2l!

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