Gustav strengthens

Hurricane Gustav, which sounds suspiciously like some sneaky Russian bastid, is poised to make landfall today in Haiti. Then, in a typically treacherous Rooskie manuever, is expected to skirt around the southern coast of the worker’s paradise of Kooba before entering the GOM.

“This time next week it will be somewhere in the Gulf,” said Eric Wilhelm, senior meteorologist at private forecaster AccuWeather Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania. “All the states lining the Gulf Coast of the U.S. will be on the lookout.”

Gustav will probably intensify into a Category 2 hurricane later today with winds of at least 96 mph and may develop into a Category 3 or 4 by the end of the week, Wilhelm said. Hurricanes are rated on the 5-step Saffir-Simpson scale, with Categories 3 or higher deemed “major” storms, with winds of 111 mph and higher.

Come to think of it, Gustav coming this close to the 3rd anniversary of Katrina is too much of a “coincidence” for me. You know, the more I think about it, “Katrina” sounds like some kind of Russo-Cuban hybrid fusion beeyotch name, doesn’t it.

Another coincidence? I think not.

/he says, removing his tin foil hat.


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10 Responses

  1. “Hurricane Gustav, which sounds suspiciously like some sneaky Russian bastid…”


    My first thought when I saw your post title in my linkfest listings was, “Oh boy, wowee, yippee-ki-yi-yay! Gustavus Adolphus has risen!”


    Imagine my disappointment that we’re only talking about a big wind, not that other force of nature, the original “Golden Bear” (also known as “Captain Gar” when leading his troops “incognito”–as though that folled anyone–in battle).

    Oh, well. I’m sure Gustav the Big Wind is a fine fellow, of his sort.

  2. gustav is a swedish name?
    /who knew?

  3. My big bruh sent me this link.

  4. I don’t like the looks of this.

  5. I don’t think this Swede is concerned with your likes or dislikes, at this time.
    Looking at the prevailing winds in the GOM, I think it will push more eastward.

  6. That’s why they should give storms nice names, like Fay. She just dumped a lot of rain all over the place – which, come to think of it, the state needed.

  7. yes we did, my grass grew a foot in just over a week

  8. This looks kind of scary…

  9. I think you missed the joke… which is okay. 🙂

  10. I’ve got plenty, thank you. Fay is still standing in my pasture. Gustav will certainly dump a shitload of rain as it passes by on the way to blowing the lake over the levies in NOLA. Did I mention that it hasn’t really stopped raining since Fay passed through? Then we get to have a visit from Hannah.

    /I’m having a little trouble with that gill evolving thing. I might be screwed, evolution-wise.

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