Gustav makes landfall

Hurricane Gustav has made landfall southwest of New Orleans as a Cat 2 storm with winds at 110 mph.

WDSU in NOLA is reporting that water is topping the Industrial Canal on the Gentilly Side.

Here is a Live video feed.

The concern is that the water level could go higher.

In Pike County, Civil Defense Director Richard Coghlan urged residents to excercise caution.

“We can still expect 50 mph winds and rainfall between 6 to 8 inches,” Coghlan says. “We’re going to continue to deal with this through tomorrow — either wind or rain.”

read more at McComb Enterprise-Journal

7 Responses

  1. I’m wondering how things are going in nukedom.
    Need to get a new umbrella before the rains start here tomorrow. Maybe several new umbrellas.

  2. WooHoo!
    Utilities just restored.

  3. Alright nuke!
    Now, go cast for fish off the porch, and fry those rascals up for a celebratory meal.
    Glad y’all are okay.

  4. mmm fish. I’m getting tired of beenie weenies.

  5. Heh. I know JUST what you mean.

  6. Did it get bad there, dad?

    NOTHING happened up here. I mean, tuesday we had 2 tornadoes warnings, and alot of rain… But our lights never flickered, and class certainly wasn’t canceled. I hope you, mom, and all our pets weathered the storm OK.

    Miss you all.

  7. miss you too

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