451 Pages of Pork On The Wall

Take one down, pass it around ….

Well, you get the idea. It started as a three-page bill designed for the specific purpose of purchasing illiquid assets on the balance sheets of the nation’s financial institutions, and reselling them at a later date to provide liquidity. The plan was bold as well as controversial, and carried an estimated price tag of $700 billion.

The public hated it, and the House rejected it.

The Senate has embraced it, however. And, using keen Senatorial wisdom, the bill has grown. It is now a 451 page behemoth that may or may not accomplish the original purpose, but never fear America. They’re from the Gubbmint, and they only want to help you. No word yet on the final price tag.

Here is the pdf of the Senate Bill. (It may take a few moments to load)

Stupid Biden Tricks

Alas, tis true.

According to Joe Biden, the twin scourges of high fructose corn syrup and coal are more deadly than terrorism.

Here is Joe Bidenism himself, being interviewed by scum-of-the-earth, Mill Baher.

I think the thousands of victims of these attacks might beg to differ…those that survived, anyway.


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