Stupid Biden Tricks

Alas, tis true.

According to Joe Biden, the twin scourges of high fructose corn syrup and coal are more deadly than terrorism.

Here is Joe Bidenism himself, being interviewed by scum-of-the-earth, Mill Baher.

I think the thousands of victims of these attacks might beg to differ…those that survived, anyway.


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2 Responses

  1. OK, so high fructose corn syrup does screw with the human body’s handling of blood sugars and may (the jury’s still out) contribute to developing diabetes in folks who have other risk factors. Old-style, “dirty” coal fired electricity plants do pose a health hazard (though new, clean plants are about as dangerous as typical indoor air pollution).

    A splodydope Moode-limb terrorist WILL kill his targets if he’s not killed first.

    Oh, and Joe, what’s with this silly “existential threat to the United States” bit? We all know you cheated your way through school and probably can’t even spell “existential” so why are you pretending to know what the word means? My fav existential writers are Ludwig Binzwanger, Medard Boss (OK, OK, Boss’ “Daseinsanalysis” is a kinda Husserlian/Heidiggerian extension/adaptation, but the framework and process is a kinda cool existential application) and Viktor Frankl; who’re your favs, dumbass?

    *feh* I have no use for this hamster.

  2. […] slightly off-the-wall territory, seeing this video of Joe Biden at Nuke’s place sent me down a rabbit trail. (Some might say down the rabbit hole. […]

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