The Arrogance Of Obama

Dangit, I tried. I was really trying to get away from the politics and get back to other issues. But THIS is just beyond believable. See the videos below.



I really cannot believe the arrogance of That One. Only a plumber? Who the HECK does he think he is? Oh yeah, he’s The MessiUH.

H/T Instapundit

Plumbers do important work. Politicians work to be important . . .

And no, I’m not a plumber. But the plumbers that I do know make a lot of money.

Don’t forget this one!

Michelle Malkin has more: Operation Destroy Joe The Plumber

13 Responses

  1. Yeah Robert D, he is deeply, madly in love with his own self.
    For no discernible reason.
    Must of been all the weed and blow he did as a punk-assed kid, studying communism at the feet of his child raping mentor in Hawaii.

  2. the Al Smith dinner speeches were great theater.
    Barry said his middle name wasn’t hussein, it was “steve”
    I’m thinking, hmmm, B.S. Obama…. it fits.

  3. Yeah, I saw some of that on Fox. It was a nice change of pace.
    B.S. Obama, I like it!

  4. I see we have a few flies buzzing around in here.

  5. Hey n2l, Barrett Jackson is live from Vegas on speed……

  6. Ya know what? I forgot about college football. Enjoy….. 😀

  7. Yeah, Robert D, I saw some of it last night. Had it on in the background, while listening to my high school play on the innernut, then one of my daughters called. I couldn’t enjoy any of my favorite distractions, what with a sick grandbaby to talk about. Danged strep throat.

  8. Ya know, just a little bit ago you never thought you would be so happy to worry about such things. Some distractions are blessings in disguise. 😉

  9. Heh. That stuff really spreads around in the fall! Grandson here had strep last week.

  10. Yep, I get every bump, bruise, boo-boo, and fever report known to man, now.
    God Bless’em.

  11. Grin. Wait until you start getting calls from the Emergency Room!

    /Corneal abrasion. Other grandson. This week.

  12. I can’t hardly not want to wait, for that.

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