McCain gave money to Khalidi? The truth behind the meme

Yesterday, readers of our blog were witness to the birth of viral meme.

An 0bama troll dropped by our post on the LA Times video suppression, and informed us that the Obama-Khalidi association really wasn’t any big deal. Otherwise, why would John McCain have given over $400,000 to a Palestinian group that Khalidi worked with?

I googled his cut-and-paste comment and discovered that the exact same phrase had been already been posted to the internet over 500 times.

That same verbatim phrase now has been posted over 18,000 times!

Obviously the O-bots think it’s working.

The problem is, it is only a distraction, designed to produce an illusion.

Aaron Klein, writing at WND, shines the light of truth on the 0bama cover story.

It’s true that McCain distributed several grants, including one worth about half a million dollars, to the Center for Palestine Research and Studies, or CPRS, a West Bank organization associated with Khalidi.

What the 0-bots fail to mention is that CPRS is pro-Western and can be characterized as pro-Israel.

Its work has been condemned by the Palestinian leadership and by local terror groups as “Zionist propaganda.”

In contrast, the Khalidi organization Obama helped fund as a board member for a nonprofit, alongside domestic terrorist William Ayers, has taken a flagrantly anti-Israel line. Khalidi’s Arab American Action Network has hosted scores of Israel-bashing events, including at least one reportedly attended by Obama.

The Obama-Khalidi connection is one more straw. Is it the one that finally breaks the donkey’s back?

Free The Tape!!!

30 Responses

  1. these 0-bots.are certainly creative liars, aren’t they?

  2. or as 0bama might say,
    “Well, look ………..blah, blah, uhhhhh, blah, umm, uhhh, blah.”

  3. And the McCainiacs aren’t even creative about it.

  4. They are shakin’ in their sandals nuke. The gap has closed to 3 points. Bush went into election night ’04 at least 3 points down. For all the lies and fraud, it will be the same result as ’00 and ’04.
    0-bama loses ground

  5. This trumps anything the 0-bots can do. And the polls will never even show those votes until it’s too late.
    Iraq war vet video viewed over 11 million times
    If you don’t want to read the whole thing, Here It Is

  6. Sarah D. used to have a thread she saved from Kos after the 04 election. All the libbies begging sKerry not to concede, whining, and shite. It was hilarious.

  7. Wow could you guys get any more pathetic? well nuke cant seem to understand anything with more than 2 syllables and poor bobby d still sucking on the republican cock, I bet you are one of those dumbasses who thinks the world is 6000 years old and believes in jesus lizards.

    I personally woupd love to see you boys choke it when Mcsame looses miserably. like him and Palin you boys are a disgrace to this country.

    fuckin commies

  8. Uh oh. jolly green is losing it. Can’t face reality. What will they call this one? MDS or PDS? MPDS!

  9. McPDS! Heads are already exploding. Tiny little feet stomping, little fists pounding….how could this happen again? 😆

  10. Any moment now, he’s going to get really, REALLY mad and call someone a bootyhead.

  11. the god-hater’s head is ready to explode. I can sense it.

  12. oh no! not a bootyhead.

  13. What’s with the jolly green mental midget?
    I can handle that, but if he calls us poopy-pants, I’m gonna go all keyboard jihad on his tiny brain.

  14. The commie statement is pretty funny coming from him, considering They Are One.

  15. Calm down n2l, please. We know what happens when someone calls us p-p.

  16. Henh, yeah Robert D, the commie thing was baffling.
    Poopy-pants, and farty pants, thems fightin’ words!

  17. I sure hope Swampie knows to not go anywhere near Jax for the next sixty hours, or so. The worlds largest tailgating party is rolling her way.

  18. Night, y’all.

  19. me too. later yall

  20. G’nite bud….

  21. ditto nuke

  22. Where is Obama’s birth certificate? Not some website image facimile! Will it ever be examined? How about the lawsuit by PA Assistant DA over this matter? Screw the US Constitution, right? Stinking liberals!

    Oh, and Palin has more executive experience than Hillary or Obama, dipwads! Hillary had nothing but being married to Slick Willy in his boxer shorts, and his didn’t inhale, and the “nobody died when he lied” (except all the training camps, the ’93 bombing of the basement in the towers, the Cole bombing, the dicotech bombing, etc. etc. Nobody died, huh? They just trained and built their organization to attack 30 days after sex perv left office! Yea, he was a real great president?

    Palin has to balance a state Budget. She is one of the 50 “State Presidents” we’ll more accurately describe her as being, rather than a no account, no show, purely political lawmaking senator like “BO” or Hillary Rodman’s wife of Slick Willy cigar man.

    It’s because of the Clintons for eight years the Islamic terrorists proliferated and then killed 3,000 people in NY, plus the 4,000+ now to get rid of them, and beat them down. That’s 7,000+ Americans dead because instead of doing something “unpopular” about it during the 90s, Slick Billy was busy playing hide the cigar in the Oval office!

    Dems think they’re gonna get somethin for free! Rather than being responsible for themselves, they’re always looking for a handout from some money tree!

    Better go buy your AR-15s while you can still get them because we might need them before the foreign born Kenyan named “BO” outlaws them, since we all “cling to our guns and our religion”!

    Hey BO, it’s called the 2nd Ammendment! Not at the bottom of the list but 2nd to the top of the list! Must be pretty important, huh, you stinking internationalist, Marxist foreigner!

    And we all know what it says, “if for no other reason than to defend ourselves from our own abusing government”! Yea, that’s right! Keep it up asshole BO!

  23. Boy was this subject dropped fast by the sufferers of Obama Derangement Syndrome when it was discovered that the CPRS is a PLO think tank headed by Khalidi. How many Israelis were slaughtered thanks to McCain’s terrorist funding of $448,000 given directly to this organization. Its one thing to pal around with terrorists but quite another to finance them to the tune of a half a million dollars. I believe that explains the lack of protesters outside the LAT today. Hmmmmm….I wish you liberals would choose your candidates more carefully for the sake of our national security. War hero or not….McCain financing terrorism with such and anti-Israel organization makes America wonder…who IS John McCain?

    First Palin raises the taxes of energy companies in Alaska and then redistributes the revenues or “spreads the wealth” around to the residents of Alaska which is straight out the the Karl Marx play book and now McCain financing an anti-Israel Palestinian agenda and terrorism? Anti-Semite presidential candidate and a Socialist running mate? What are you people going to come up with next? Joe the Plumber is a neo-nazi? OBS has you people turning into the Al Qaeda.

  24. give it up 0-bot. This meme has been officially debunked.

    Oh, and who are you calling “you people” you racist bastid. BWAHAHAHA

  25. The memo has been debunked? Where? What memo? The financial records have not been debunked. No protesters at the LAT today hasn’t been debunked. All the pundits dropped the subject today for some strange reason. Hmmmmmmm…how curious.

    This is a political running mate (Palin) who was married and affiliated with a 7 year member of the Alaskan Independence Succession Party. Now Abraham Lincoln founded the Republican Party on the moral premise that succession from the union was unpatriotic and unconstitutional. The Alaska Independence Succession Party was founded on the moral premise that America sucked SO BAD, that all methods (legal and other) should be persued to seperate themselves from us. How unpatriotic is that? This obviously shows in Palin’s Socialistic views of over-taxing American companies and the company’s hard working Amerrican employees and redistributing or “spreading the wealth” to residents of the state. It also reflects in her blatant and Hussein-like disregard for America and our proud ethics laws.

    The term “you people” was not in reference to race but to your obvious extremist dislike for America that you would support an Anti-semite terrorist financier (McCain) and his Socialist anti-American running mate (Palin) for President of the United States. If you dislike America that much…leave!

  26. Meme, not memo, 0-bot.

    I don’t expect you to read anything that might upset your preconceived notions of Dear Leader’s special place in the history of the world, so I won’t waste my time with you.

    You can try and explain away your racist code speech all you want, but the fact remains you are a racist. And a poopy head. Now be gone troll.

  27. Heh. I’ve gone to Jville to help take the grandkids trick or treating as daddy is at Fort Rucker and mom is gettin’ tarred.

    I’ve seen lots of red and black and blue and orange banners and rarely an O-bama sticker; mostly McCain/Palin.

  28. Wuh oh. The little one just decorated the office carpet (the dusty blue carpet) with a red permanent marker. I thought he was being too quiet!

    Awwwww, a drawing that won’t get lost. Or forgotten.

  29. hehehehehe. the joys of grandchildren!

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