Friday Link Roundup

Here you go. I know you’ve been waiting for it.

You’ve gotta love Debbie Schlussel. She has positively owned the Khalidi-Obama story. You wonder why the LA Times continues to suppress the tape of the AAAN dinner? This would do it

…here’s what you haven’t yet heard: that a kids’ dance troupe that appeared at the event has a history of simulating beheadings and stomping on American, Israeli, and British flags….[snip]

But they didn’t just dance the debkah.

Suddenly the Sanabel AlQuds dancers pulled out fake swords and rifles and adorned three of their troupe respectively with an American, Isreaeli, and British flag. The others pretended to behead and/or shoot the boys wearing the flags. Then they put red scarves over the three boys heads, signifying blood and no head. Then, the flags were taken off, thrown to the ground, and trampled on by this young group of Milwaukee dancers.

Next up, the definition of “rich” keeps getting defined downward in Obamaworld. Bill Richardson lowers the bar to $120K.

Michelle Obama offers (in 5 seconds) a true critique of the obamessiah’s record … Link

Sarah’s “high-voltage appeal” plays well in the Keystone State.

The Heritage Foundation compares the tax plans of both candidates. Good read.

Horrors: Erica Jong Tells Italians Obama Loss ‘Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets’.

So, if the obamessiah is up by double digits in Iowa, WTF is he doing campaining in Iowa right here at crunch time? Hmmm? Iowa Independent has the story.

Ah yes. Nothing demonstrates “Unity”, and “Post Partisanship” better than booting off reporters whose newspapers don’t endorse you. (Unless you consider the TV stations that have been “banned” for daring to ask the oba-biden campaign tough questions).

File this under “who’da thunkit?” … Ohio Secretary of State, the hyper-partisan Jennifer Brunner has some interesting links to that paragon of electoral justice — ACORN.

Warning!!! “Armies of Lawyers” have been deployed to Florida. Heh. Sorry swampie.

9 Responses

  1. Hunh!
    Zogby, of all pollsters, has Mc ahead.

  2. The October surprise?

  3. Maybe.
    Or it could just be a trick or treater came to his door.

  4. Sounds good! But don’t let your guard down…..

  5. Oh I won’t, Robert D, if I see that horror show coming at me, I will empty a thirty round magazine into him.
    I live in Texas, we can have those hi-caps.

    As for Zogby, take it for what it’s worth, but he is a true blue flamed out liberal.

  6. Today was the last day of early voting in Texas.
    Got’er done!
    Pulled into the crowded parking lot, and there were advocates of various people, scattered strategically, to insure they could harass everyone with their particular candidate or cause. One group, with B-HO placards, were looking at me as I pulled into the parking space, but the red/white/blue I AM JOE banner in my rear window, that I printed out from iowahawk, stopped them dead in their tracks.
    Quite the crowd, and was a little concerned at how long the line was, as I had things to see, and people to do.
    But, the line moved quickly, because they had so many machines inside, the touch screen type.
    Went through the registration check-in, got my form, and waited for the poll monitor. I got the obviously gay, tattooed, skinny hispanic guy, with earrings, who had questionable hygiene practices. He knew I knew who and what he was, as did he know me, so our interaction was, thankfully, very-very brief. He took my form, inserted the cartridge into the machine, logged in my number, and stepped away.
    Badda-boom badda-bing, I was done. The line was even longer, than when I came in, so I loudly told the crowd to not be concerned, it moves quickly. One lady, with two young kids, smiled and said thanks.
    Now, in this state, I know my vote doesn’t matter, B-HO ain’t welcome here, but still, for the few fringe types, and young voters, seeing a large, straight, well groomed, and well nourished white male there, let them know, that at least one of their votes just got canceled.

  7. nuke, a little surprised at the number of hits on my old thanksgiving story.
    Must be some good Mom’s out there, planning ahead, doing some google searches.

  8. me too. Of course, it was a fine post. Kind of like a good wine, ya know?

  9. Thanks.
    With the search terms being “thanksgiving,” I figure they just happened onto it, while looking for holiday ideas.
    Course, I’ve been wrong before.

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