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Obama’s Own Words:We Will Bankrupt New Coal Plants!

If the good folks in the coal producing states haven’t voted yet, they definitely need this information.
B-HO’s words, recorded in January, are just now being made known, and it’s truly a shame. This is the type of rhetoric that many of us were already certain of, that he will kill jobs in this country, stifle advances in technology, and make our cost of living soar, at a time when energy costs are a major factor in our current economy.
It truly baffles me, that someone who is running for POTUS, could be so determined to undermine the very foundations of our country, and have mindless automatons not only supporting him, but fainting and crying at the sound of his voice.
Did you know that the U.S. has the largest coal reserve in the world? In fact, the U.S. is known as the Saudi Arabia of coal.
By one estimate, if coal were converted by the GTL processes into liquid fuel, the U.S. would have eight hundred and eleven years of domestic fuel. Here is another view of the energy picture of the U.S.

That B-HO is already on record in his disdain for the limits placed on government by the Constitution, and “bitter and clinging” citizens, he is now on record for being opposed to creating jobs, heating and lighting our homes, while paying homage to the new religion of Gormonism. Making the cost of living, and doing business, a hostage to the silly notion that we mere mortals can alter the climate of this planet, is the epitome of arrogance. As if having to peer into his nostrils, from his constant posing, isn’t enough.
The Earth can take care of itself, it has done so for billions of years. While we should revere our beautiful planet, be thankful for the wonderful resources God has given us, we should also use all those resources God has given us.

One last thing, many scientists have predicted that the Earth has an expiration date, in approximately two hundred thirty-five million years from now. Staying warm and fed, until the party ends, isn’t an unreasonable approach.


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