President Barack Obama

God help us.

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  1. the people have spoken.

  2. He will, but he had to punish us first, so we can know how bad it can be, since we didn’t fully appreciate how good we had it.

  3. …………….actually, you forgot the Hussein. And I hope God is enough to help us.

  4. My sympathies go out to: Small business owners, Middle America, Big businesses, the poor who won’t be able to afford anything due to rising prices forced on us by a rob from the rich to ‘give to hte poor’ mentality, Our service men and women as Obama pulls them prematurely out of a war we are winning, to Iraqi people who will be over-run by terrorists once again, to small business owners who will have to lay off workers because big businesses that they do business with can’t afrford the higher taxes and have to cut hteir own staff and reduce costs, and just basically to everyone as we begin the slow decay of Europonization- Oh, and to everyone as we pay htrough the nose for the ‘privilege’ of socialism.

    Demoncrats Agenda?

    No Drilling (read- complete reliance on nations that hate us)

    No new refineries (which we desperately need to meet demand- but Demoncrats don’t want this as their agenda is higher fuel prices/taxes on fuel prices)

    Take from the rich (Who already pay way more than their share of taxes) (Which will not only affect big business, but also smaller businesses who rely on the big businesses)

    ‘Global Warming’ mandates/Carbon taxes (Psssst- the earth has been cooling now for over a decade DESPITE record levels of carbon going into the atmosphere- hmmmm- guess the scientific facts don’t mean much to those greedy for taxpayer money though)

    Socialized healthcare (Say goodbye to choice, and hello to subpar service as Doctors and Surgeons get far far less than they now get, and htus give less quality service- Just ask Canada!!!)

    Mandatory Green Power (Get ready for costly upgrades to your homes and businesses or face stiff fines for defying obamamessiah)

    Higher prices on everythign as Obama makes it nearly impossible for busineeses to make a go of it, and the trickle down layoffs and ramped up prices on everything start piling up.

    Civilian Security- What hte……

  5. One of those starry-eyed optimists at work today said “oh, well, we’ll still have jobs and Obama is all for free trade”. Excuse me? How the hell do you suppose Obama is going to appease his union masters and radically raise the costs of doing business and still keep free trade?

  6. I work for the state. Imagine the excitement of my freaking co-workers. 🙂 This sucks, but life goes on. Dang.

  7. Yeah, I work for the gubmint, too. Seemed like a safe refuge for the collapse that everybody could see coming in slow mo. The economy has a looooong way to go before hitting bottom and rebounding, IMO.

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