Jesus And The Obamabots!

Too funny!

9 Responses

  1. Hope you Dawgs can pull it off again, nuke.
    I do believe Crooms will be working on his resume, fairly soon.

  2. thanks bud. Halftime, down 5.

  3. I’m watching.
    Defense is stout, but the offense still seems confused, and without purpose.

  4. croom will get another couple of years with a staff shakeup.

  5. Well, if he does I will be very surprised.
    If they let him stay, he has got to replace his offensive coordinator, I don’t care how far they go back.
    He also needs a punter that can directional kick.

  6. he promoted a grad asst to special teams coach.

  7. He did?
    Before or after last nights game?

  8. at the start of the season.

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