The enemy is Barack Obama

“…we need to remember that the enemy here is George Bush…”,
Howard Dean, Sept 25, 2003.

Over the years, democrats have not failed to cheer every bit of bad news as yet another opportunity to blame George Bush. If it was bad news for America, it was good news for the democrats.

And, now we keep hearing this “unity” BS? Even Republicans are quoted as saying they hope Obama succeeds.

Not me.

I haven’t forgotten, Howard Dean, or Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid, or Teddy Kenedy, or the rest of you leftist bastids.

I’m going to show Obama the same respect you and the rest of the democrats showed to George Bush. So, try this on for size …

We need to remember. The ENEMY is Barack Obama.

Oh yeah. I like it a lot ………. LOMA, baby. LOMA.

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  1. I agree, and have said so, only I said I would extend at least the same amount of courtesy and respect the left showed President Bush.
    Leaves the door open to showing even less.

  2. Yes. And you were right about John Mccain, too.

    Time send him back to arizona.

  3. It’s time to start documenting BO’s screwups and flipflops.

  4. we can have a running list for documents and quick links. I might even add a new page, and dedicate the comments for everybody to add their new finds.

  5. Thank you. This “come together” or “chin up” b.s. makes me want to toss my cookies.

  6. Whatever happened to you telling me to not be bitter and support our new president, dad?

  7. I don’t think I’m being bitter, Melissa. If it sounds that way, then, let me state for the record that I’m not bitter about the election results. And, as I told you, elections have consequences.

    It is the consequences of electing a man who ran on the most liberal platform in US history that I am very, very concerned about.

    And, after the last eight years of bashing from the left, I have no desire to offer the dems an olive branch. Rather, I will offer them much of the same kind of support that they gave Pres Bush.

  8. Be as negative as you want. Your pessimism will not matter as long as your elected officials still heed the call to act civil. No one is asking the Republicans and Democrats to hold hands for the next four years and be best buds until the next election. They are merely working together for the time being to get the country through the worst economic downturn since the G.D.

    And how can you say that the Democrats have been bashing President Bush for the past eight years? I will agree that they were a little bitter after 2000 when Florida messed everything up. But as soon as 9/11 happened, the Democrats and Republicans were united for a common cause. The “bashing from the left” didn’t occur until Dubya got us involved in Iraq.

    I voted for Bush in 2000 because I was sick and tired of a Democratic White House. I completely disagreed with our involvement in Iraq but supported our troops all the same. I voted for Bush again in 2004, even though I didn’t like his actions, because I felt that he had a better plan for Iraq and for our country.

    But this year, I voted for Barack Obama because the war in Iraq is no longer as issue. We have a schedule to get out of there and neither McCain or Obama could change that without pissing people off. What matters this year is the economy. And I voted for the person that I felt was best equipped to handle it.

    Be negative if you want. Treat Barack Obama as your enemy. That’s fine. I’ll just be glad that most people that are elected into office are more forward thinking and rational that anyone writing on this website.

  9. And how can you say that the Democrats have been bashing President Bush for the past eight years?

    How you can make a statement like this, after what has transpired in the last eight years, is preposterous.
    In your otherwise reasonable comment, the above sentence is a betrayal of all that you have written.
    I’m not going to list the countless attacks on W. Just use a search engine, with terms such as democrats lash out at Bush, or democrats attack Bush, for all the examples you need.
    As for your voting for B-HO, I fail to understand how someone who is a radical Marxist, could ever be the person best equipped to handle our economy, especially considering he has no experience in executive office.

  10. Call it pessimism and being negative if you wish.. .. Hope it makes you feel better.
    I intend on holding The One accountable for the impossibly high standards he has set for himself.

    And when he comes up short, I will use criticism laced with ridicule to illustrate the absurdity of obama as well as his worshippers.

  11. I’m going to show Obama the same respect you and the rest of the democrats showed to George Bush.

    So you’re going to lower yourself to the level of a Democrat? Honestly, Nuke, I expected better from you.

    Remember all the whining from the Democrats following Bush’s victories in 2000 and 2004? Did you feel anything other than contempt for them? I certainly didn’t. I for one will not lower myself to their level. If Dan Quayle and John McCain could be gracious in defeat, then so can we. I think it is better to show the Democrats that we occupy a higher moral ground than they do (which I believe we do).

    I did not vote for Obama, but I do not hope he fails. To do so is, in my opinion, foolish, because if Obama fails, a lot of us will fail with him. And frankly, I can’t afford to fail. Being able to say “Don’t blame me; I voted for the Old Guy!” will be scant
    comfort to me if I lose my job and my home.

    So by all means, carp and rail against Obama all you want. Be quick to point out his gaffes and miscues (and I have no doubt there will be many). But do not hope he fails, for our sake, not for his. Not because he is a better man, but because you are.


  12. MOR,

    I would agree with you, but for the fact that liberal policies do fail, invariably. The question is not IF they will fail this country, but when. For the sake of America, I hope that the failures are immediate and apparent, so Americans will reject Barack Obama in 2012 and limit the long-term damage that he can do to this country.

    If we look at the great economic issues of our time, they are the result of liberal policies that were instituted anywhere from 20 years to almost a century ago. The Ponzi scheme known as Social Security? FDR, the ’30s. Medicare, that third rail? 1960s, liberals. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac? Started in the 1930s, propped up in the 1970s, forced to make bad loans, and given exemptions from normal requirements in order to make those profitable (’70s through the ’90s). It was the Clinton Administration that threatened legal proceedings against them if they didn’t increase minority lending, and forced them to use unemployment and welfare as valid sources of income.

    It all comes home to roost. The question is not whether the country will suffer, but how soon and how much. As the financial meltdown demonstrated, we play Russian roulette with these things – whomever is in the White House gets blamed, or the media blames conservative principles if it can get away with it, even when the liberals are to blame.

    Failure needs to happen, and needs to happen right around 21 January 2009.

    My analogy? It’s the difference between drinking poison and smoking cigarettes. One makes you so immediately ill that you never do it again, and connect the wrong with the sickness; the harm from the other takes years to manifest itself, so people keep doing it.

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