Dang. just dang.

After several trips around the block, I’m not so easily surprised anymore.

But, after seeing the commercial on TV a few minutes ago for a new type of Charmin TP … I admit, I was surprised. Seems the new stuff is designed to eliminate those pesky little wads of paper that can accumulate on your rear end.


Look ma, no dingleberries!

Party of smaller government?

So much for championing the idea of earmark reform.

The House GOP Caucus has rejected a temporary moratorium on earmark requests.

The effort to undercut this signature conservative theme of limited government was led by Todd Tiahrt of Kansas.

Tiahrt, and any other RINO who doesn’t get on board, needs to have some significant primary opposition in 2010. The days of big-spending Republicans masquerading as fiscal conservatives are over.

We don’t have deficit problems because the American People are taxed too little. We have deficits because the Congress spends too much.


Yoga gets fatwa’d

Claiming that certain elements of yoga could “destroy the faith of a Muslim,” Malaysia’s National Fatwa Council (yes, Virginia, there really is a National Fatwa Council) has issued a fatwa against the practice of yoga.

“Islam is a complete way of life….. So there is no need to bring in elements from outside,” link

Oh yes, allah forbid, lest anything get in the way of this murderous, mysogenist, Jew-hating cult-world-view, masquerading as a religion.


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