What This Here Blog Needs Is More Testosterone

From GenderAnalyzer:

We think https://nukegingrich.wordpress.com/ is written by a man (79%).

Guess I might need to post a little more often.

We think http://swampie.wordpress.com/ is written by a man (84%).

28 Responses

  1. It must be my tendency to change blog headers.

  2. Yeah, constant redecorating. There’s something suspect about that.

  3. 😕
    We think http://robertd.wordpress.com/ is written by a man (79%)..

  4. Hunh. Maybe it’s because I refer to that odorous substance on my boots as “chicken shit” instead of “poultry waste products”.

  5. I’m not quite sure just what they take into consideration, but, having ROBERT in the url should be a big clue.

  6. It looks like “swampie” in the url outbutches having Robert in the url.

  7. 😆 That’s good….

  8. gotta run. see ya in a few hrs.

  9. Yeah, I have an urgent nap that needs taking. (yawn) Later.

  10. Uhh…the same analyzer has Nancy at lfg at 88%.

    Henceforth, I refuse to link to the Lumberjack song, ever again….or Beaker.

  11. Oh, SNAP.

    Now, I KNOW I’m more macho than that.

  12. Well I got to pay for my gun. And pay for my background check. And in 10 days from tomorrow, I can drive the 120 mile round trip to pick up my gun. I just love California……

  13. Congratulations on the new gun. Hope it’s really scary looking so liberals will wet themselves.

  14. It’s just a semi auto .22. I’ve already got the scary ones. 😈

  15. Well, you used the scary words “semi auto”.

  16. oops, I just bought an Assault Rifle. 😯 hehehehe

  17. you mean you can’t just pick it up when you buy it in CA?

  18. Yep. Now, about those rims…..

  19. Well, you know how it is with those assault .22s. He might be planning a drive by on some gophers.

  20. The law changed 2-3 yrs ago.(for the long guns) Surprised me too. You have to get a license to buy a hand gun, only 1 every 30 days now. (license good for only 5 yrs) This is what the rest of the US has to look forward to. When they know who has the guns, you know what comes next. They already confiscated guns during Katrina and never batted an eye. Most people never got them back.

  21. Now swampie, you’ve seen the road I live on. Lotsa mean critters there….

  22. Yeah, but the kinda critters looks like live along your road, a .22 would only mildly annoy.

  23. Yeah, that’s a fact!

  24. Helvidius, a Pachyderm is 51% male. Oddly, the new blog is 88% male. Got y’all on that one!

  25. we need to get you in here as a guest contributor!
    Invite is headed your way.

  26. I don’t believe that BS.
    Who are those sixteen hundred voters, anyway?

  27. We guess http://robertd.wordpress.com/ is written by a woman (51%), however it’s quite gender neutral.

    I really got to put more guns and killing in my stories. 😕

    But GEEZE nuke! 75% Woman??? That just is not possible. I have to agree with n2l. Total random BS.

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