Snow Day! Open thread

There’s several inches of snow on the ground, and the winter storm shows no signs of letting up soon.

So, off goes the coat and tie.  Time to settle back into some comfy clothes and enjoy a rare Dixie snow day!

9 Responses

  1. Enjoy and snow, in the same sentence?
    You ain’t a Son-uh-tha-South!
    /damn yankees

  2. There was I, in my lazyboy, and the electricity went out.
    So, I got dressed and went back to work.

  3. Holy guacamole! Your electricity went out in the snow?

    Ain’t that a helluva thang to happen to a good southern boy? You sure Al Gore wasn’t visitin’ the neighborhood?

  4. That’ll teach you for being a slacker on a snow day, like a school boy.
    Snow ain’t for enjoying, it’s just another cosmic fart we have to suffer with, like B-HO.

  5. yeah, rub it in.

  6. Henh.
    In other news, I heard y’all got a new ball coach.

  7. I think we got the real deal.

  8. What’s a snow day? Haven’t had one in ah ah ah to many years to count. Dang it you guys you got me sounding like B.O.

  9. No fair!!! You got snow and we didn’t! and I’m more north than you!!

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