Auto bailout hits snag

Isn’t it interesting to hear democrat leaders and UAW reps come out and blame the republicans for the failure to pass the bailout?

There are reportedly a dozen or so republican senators who have agreed to support the bill. Since the dems have the majority, shouldn’t their caucus plus the dozen republicans be enough to pass muster?

Obviously, the problem isn’t the republicans, but the defections within the democrat caucus.

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Why won’t Rahm talk? Do you think we’re going to find out that he was the go-between between PEBO and Governor Blog?

Are you going to mourn the loss of your local newspaper? You should .. but the answer is probably not.

Congress has cut the pay for the position of secretary of state so that Hillary can have at it. Sorry … that’s side-stepping the Constitution .. not that anyone cares.

Could Rod Blagojevich employ an insanity defense?

Which state would you say is the most corrupt in the nation? Yeah, I thought it would be Illinois too.

Barack Obama’s “diverse” cabinet seems to be missing one key group: Southerners.

NASA administrator Mike Griffin isn’t laying out the welcoming matt for the Obama administration.

Barack Obama’s choice for energy secretary – Steven Chu … he was a tree sitter in Berkeley. Lovely.

It looks like AIG is putting your tax dollars to good use with some wise business decisions.

Technically he isn’t even our president elect, but Barack Obama is enjoying some “sky-high” approval ratings.

In Pittsburgh government schools, students may soon be able to earn 50% of the credit for doing 0% of the work. What do you expect? Sounds like Congress.

The town board of Woodstock, NY doesn’t want a local manufacturer to make any parts that are used for military equipment.

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