Auto bailout hits snag

Isn’t it interesting to hear democrat leaders and UAW reps come out and blame the republicans for the failure to pass the bailout?

There are reportedly a dozen or so republican senators who have agreed to support the bill. Since the dems have the majority, shouldn’t their caucus plus the dozen republicans be enough to pass muster?

Obviously, the problem isn’t the republicans, but the defections within the democrat caucus.

2 Responses

  1. With the current Senate divided 49-49, with one independent, it would require the entire donk caucus(minus B-HO), and twelve pachs to make the bill veto proof. On a procedural vote last night, it was 52-35. I don’t know who the purported pachs are that would vote for it.
    What is happening right now is, a push back by the UAW, to try and defer the responsibility for being the one’s to kill the deal, while their greedy hands are reaching for the pile of cash that doesn’t belong to them.
    Everyone needs to know, with out any equivocation, it is the UAW that is killing GM and Chrysler, and no one else.
    Personally, I would rather see the car companies go tits up and taking on water, rather than see the industry become nationalized.

  2. Well, how about unrealistic government regulation of the auto industries? That doesn’t help.

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