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Heisman Exit Poll:Sam Bradford

*UPDATE* Sam Bradford Wins The Heisman Trophy

I know what you are thinking.
An exit poll? For the Heisman Trophy?
I was a little shocked to see it too, but here it is, a sample of one hundred of the more than nine hundred who cast ballots.

The winner: Sam Bradford.

The Oklahoma quarterback received 47 first-place votes and 226 points, beating out Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow. The Texas quarterback had 20 first-place votes and 172 points, while the Florida quarterback had 31 first-place votes and 164 points.

I believe it is really a showdown between Bradford and Tebow, both very deserving of the honor. Tebow, having won the award last year, is certainly deserving of the award again, he didn’t have quite as good a season as a QB, as he did last year, but he did lead his team to the National Championship game.
That BCS Championship game will have Tebow’s Florida Gators, against the Bradford led OU Sooners. It shapes up to be one of the most explosive scoring Championship games in history.

Bradford is also a truly deserving recipient of the Heisman, having already won the Davey O’Brien award, as the nations best quarterback; and the Sammy Baugh award, as the nation’s best passer. Well he should receive those honors, considering the numbers he has put up, on a team that has scored 702 points, the most in modern football history, and 86 points better, than the nearest team. Bradford led a Sooner offense, that scored more than 60 points in each of the last five games of the season, a NCAA record, and could have been six games, as they scored 58 in the game just prior to the five game streak. Bradford’s individual stats dwarf those of Tebow’s, with 48 touchdown passes, 4,464 yards passing, only 6 interceptions, a 68.3 pass completion percentage, with a QB rating of 186.29.

Bradford and Tebow are asked to be different types of QB’s, for the type of systems they operate. Tebow is asked to be more athletic, and runs with the ball often, while Bradford is asked to direct a talented offense, and be more cerebral than athletic. Bradford only runs as a last resort, as evidenced in the above video, but he is certainly a gifted athlete.

While I am definitely an OU Sooner fan, and would love to see Bradford win, I am also a fan of Tebow, not because of the team he plays for, but for the quality of person he is.
That is one of the aspects of the Heisman, that isn’t a criteria for the award, and that’s the quality of the person. Each are excellent young men, wonderful role models, and good students. I don’t know how Tebow’s education is proceeding, but Bradford, involved with high level college football, and surrounding acivities, is currently posting a 3.95GPA.
I found a source that states Bradford has a IQ of 128, and Tebow’s IQ is 127, but don’t know how true they are, or where they got their info.

One other thing about Bradford, which has no bearing on the Heisman, but rather on the type of role model he has become, comes from this source, as it relates to Bradford’s Cherokee Indian heritage.

This is Native American land, home to seven western Oklahoma Indian tribes, where life is hardscrabble and optimism and inspiration can be scarce. Anadarko’s Riverside Indian School, the nation’s oldest federally operated Indian boarding school, doles out both to some 600 students from 25 states enrolled in fourth grade through high school. Its football program has struggled and was dropped for a couple of seasons, but restarted this year and drew more than 40 boys who suited up for the varsity team.

Their inspiration is Bradford.

Personally, I won’t be disappointed with either Bradford or Tebow as the Heisman Trophy winner. Both are deserving of the award, and both are outstanding young men, that mean much more to their teams, and others, than any individual award could ever bring.


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